Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Have a Scary Halloween

Paul McCartney posted this on Twitter today...I think it is great!

Beatles for Halloween

Some kids play the old Halloween classic party game, "Pin the nose on the pumpkin"  and there is a "Beatle" in the crowd!
Newer and Bluer Meanies have been spotted out trick or treating on Halloween
Photo coypright held by Sara Schmidt  - taken from original slide. 

Hallo-winging it


Wearing those cut-outs

How many of you cut out the items from the Sgt. Pepper album and actually put them on?   

Sunday, October 29, 2017


I told Ringo it was time to announce the winners of the Fall MTBFR contest, and he just insisted on putting the trophy on of his head.   Silly Ringo --- that isn't a hat! 

44 Beatle fans entered this contest.  And if you recall, you had to send me the name of you favorite Beatles song in the Magical Mystery Tour film (not the LP or EP but the movie itself).  Here are the results (just for fun!)

Flying:  0 votes
Magical Mystery Tour (theme song)  3 votes
Hello Goodbye     4 voties
Blue Jay Way:   6 votes
Fool on the Hill:   6 votes
Your Mother Should know:  10 votes
I am the Walrus:  15 votes

For a while there, Your Mother should know looked like it was going to be the winner, but on the last few days, five Walrus fans showed up and it was the winner!   

As for the winners of the contest:

The winner of the Las Vegas prize pack is #28 -  Thomas Loschel

The winner of the London prize pack is #32 -  Kim Kirk

The winner of the Liverpool prize pack is #14 -  Jeff Pope

Congratulations to the three winners!  You have three (3) days to contact me with your mailing address.  If I do not hear from you by this Thursday, I will pick another person to win the prize. 

Another contest will be held in late January,  and you can always try again to win.    I hope you have fun with these little contests that I hold four times a year.    As you all know, I try my best to align this site with the Beatles fanzines of the past, and they frequently held contests and did fun things like that.   Just trying to put the FUN back into being a Beatles fan!

To the Beatles dressing room...

Watching the Wheels

All photos taken by Paul Goresh 

Gotta light?

Photo taken from negative.  From the collection of Sara Schmidt 

Okay those of you that keep me on my toes about photos being flipped.   Which way should this go?  I have flipped and flopped and both ways took right to me. 

Little Richy

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Tittenhurst Park: A Book review

The topic of the homes the Beatles lived in over the years has been a popular one over the years on social media and elsewhere online.    As fans, seeing the land and building that the guys called home is something that is interesting, and is a topic that has been somewhat of a mystery.   That is until now.   The Cardinal has been working on books that thoroughly cover the larger homes of the Beatles. 

His recently released book, Tittenhurst Park is especially interesting for Beatles fans because it is a home that was lived in by two different Beatles during two different decades (John and Ringo).

Volume one "History, Architecture and Gardens" is probably the most boring of all of the volumes for those who are just wanting to read about when a Beatle lived on the property.    However, it is an essential part of the story as a whole because it lays the groundwork for what is to come later.   The Cardinal writes this book in such a way that you are at Tittenhurt in the 1800's and learn about the amazing trees that were planted and why they are there when you see the land in the Imagine film in 1971.     The drawings and photographs really help pull the story together.     This just might not be a volume that Beatles fans will return to  for future readings.

My favorite part (no surprises here) was part 2:  "John Lennon  and Yoko Ono"      This part tells about the Beatles photo shoot in 1969 on the Tittenhurst Park land as well as when the Hare Krishna's stayed in one of the buildings at Tittenhurst Park.   There is an amazing interview with one of the devotees about his time with the Krishna's at John's home and recording the record for Apple.   Of course there is a lot of information about making the Imagine album.   There is a lot of new and different information found in this book and I know that all John fans will really find it as fascinating as I did.

The last part,  "Ringo Starr and the Sheikh"  was really interesting because I knew very little about the time Ringo owned the property.     Ringo lived in the home on and off during the 1980's and when he was not there, he rented the house and the studio to recording offices to use as a sort of "recording retreat."     So the groups would stay in the bedrooms in the house and have meals in the kitchen and get to work down in the recording studio on their album.     So many people recorded at this studio -- it will blow your mind!    And there are endless interviews with them telling what it was like to record in "John Lennon's house."     You have to read it to believe it!

I need to point out to you all that these books are intended for collectors.   They are full of beautiful colored photographs and were expensive to print.   The price of the books reflect the collectors aspect of the books.    However, I think anyone that decides to go ahead and get the book (would make a great Christmas gift!) will not be disappointed.   I sure learned a lot about Tittenhurst Park and the things that happened in there and you will as well. 

There are a lot of choices for how to get this information in your hands.    Here is the scoop:

Book #1
TITTENHURST PARK: DELUXE EDITION     (Limited-time special includes a copy of the Pictorial History & Illustrated) ($300)
Hardcover (Case Laminate)
Premium Color
Premium Paper (White w/Matte Laminate)
654 pages
Over 1,300 images, including photos, floor plans, site plans, and artwork.
Limited Edition. 1,000 hand-signed, hand-numbered, and personalized upon request.

Book #2
Hardcover (Case Laminate)
Premium Color
Premium Paper (White w/Matte Laminate)
100 pages
Photographs only
Limited Edition. 1,000 hand-signed, hand-numbered, and personalized upon request.

Book #3
Hardcover (Case Laminate)
Premium Color
Premium Paper (White w/Matte Laminate)
138 pages
Illustrations & Artwork only
Limited Edition. 1,000 hand-signed, hand-numbered, and personalized upon request.

Book #4
Hardcover (Case Laminate)
Premium Color
Premium Paper (White w/Matte Laminate)
228 pages
Limited Edition. 2,500 hand-signed, hand-numbered, and personalized upon request.

Book #5
Hardcover (Case Laminate)
Premium Color
Premium Paper (White w/Matte Laminate)
172 pages
Limited Edition. 2,500 hand-signed, hand-numbered, and personalized upon request.

Book #6
Hardcover (Case Laminate)
Premium Color
Premium Paper (White w/Matte Laminate)
254 pages
Limited Edition. 2,500 hand-signed, hand-numbered, and personalized upon request.

Anyone in the United States that orders a book gets FREE shipping.   Please enter the code Beatles1 for me.     http://www.campfirenetwork.com/shop

When the Beatles met Fats Domino

I am sure you have heard that Fats Domino passed away today.  I always hated that his nickname was "Fats."   Seriously --- he looks like a healthy man to my eyes and I would have hated to have been given a nickname of "Fats" and that is what everyone called me forever, but I suppose he didn't mind.

Mr. Domino was a huge influce on the Beatles from back in the early days in Hamburg and one of the few celebrities the Beatles wanted to meet when they toured the United States in the summer of 1964 was Fats.   Thankfully one of their opening acts, The Frogman, had connections and wa able to make that meeting happen.

Fats Domino and the Beatles met in the trailor that was set up behind the stage in New Orleans and for 60 minutes, the five of them took photos (for Fats kids he said) and had a sing along!   What did they sing?   That seens to have been lost to history.    But from the look of the photographs, they all sure seemed to enjoy themselves.    The one thing that stood out from Paul about that meeting? He shared that in the Anthology series in 1994  "He had a very big diamond watch in the shape of a star, which was very impressive."  

Wedding Reception

Wouldn't it have been great to have been an observer of Barb and Ringo's wedding reception? 

Koala Klub

One overzealous fan

She should have waited just a few more seconds and the Beatles would have been coming off the plane instead of Tony Barrow, Bob Bonis (I think) and Wendy Hanson. 

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Running out of petrol

This story was found in a 1968 Beatles fan newsletter and was told to the writer by a girl named Anne who at the time lived in Surrey.    There is no way to check if stories like these are true or not, but I like to think that they are true.  

My father, who is a journalist, was driving home in the early hours of the morning after working all night, when he saw someone standing in the road.  A bandit?   No, Ringo!   Who was waving his arms wildly.  My father slowed down and Ringo told hi that he had run out of petrol.   He and Mo had been to a party in London but had a lift up to town from the Lennons in their new Rolls Royce.  Maureen wanted to leave before the Lennons and a friend offered his car as transport home.  Trouble wasthey hadn't checked the petrol situation.  Ringo thought there was a petrol station down the road and asked Dad if he'd take him up there to get a can of petrol.   Daddy told Maureen to lock herself in the car as there are funny characters around at that time.   When they got to the petrol station ti was closed.  Ringo seemed at a lose to know what to do, so Daddy laughingly said he could take him him on one condition (we live near Weybridge in Surrey).   Ringo asked what the condition was and Dad replied he would like his autograph for his daughter (me!).   "She's mad on you," Dad said.  "I don't mind you, it's the Monkees I can't stand."  As you may have realize d by now, my father is rather square only quite a nice square!  Ringo was very grateful for the lift and chatted to Daddy all the way home, amongst other things he talked about Zak.   On arriving home, Ringo went to the ring the doorbell as he had no key.  One snag -  no bell, only a bit of wire sticking out.  ringo exclaimed, "Somebody's pinched the bell."   He told Daddy this was always happening.  "It's probably the kids again," he said.  Someone opened the door for them adn they all went inside, to be greeted by Ringo's poodle who rolled on his back for Daddy to rub his tummy.  Then Ringo said "Has Anne got our new album?"  Daddy said he didn't think so.   Then Ringo disappeared and came back with the album.  On it he'd written "To Anne, Love from Ringo XXX"

The fab Beatle birds

The get away

Welcome Back George