The Rules for being a member of Meet The Beatles...for Real

 Meet the Beatles ... For Real is a Beatles fan club.    It is a fan club that is for Beatles fans and run by a Beatles fan.     This site is a modern twist on the Beatles fan clubs from the 1960's-1980s and is modeled after The Write Thing and With a Little Help From my Friends.     (With much love, respect, and thanks to Barb, Pat, and Joyce for all the work they did). 

What does it take to be a member of this fan club?   Nothing!   All you have to do is love the Beatles and come visit this site from time to time.    

Sadly over the years, people have been cruel to me and to others on here and so it is time to lay down some rules for this happy group of Beatles fans. 

Yes -- don't be mean!    No one is to EVER call me or any other member of this group names.   Bullies are not welcome here.   This also goes for calling of any of the Beatles, their children, their wives, their ex-wives (yes we are talking Yoko and Heather here specifically), their step-children, or anyone that was in the Beatles' inner circle.      

This includes constant mention of weight.   I know that I am fat.   If I post a photograph of myself, I do not need anyone to point that out.    We know that John Lennon went through his "fat phase" and his "skinny days."    Discussing anyone's weight is really not necessary.   How much or how little someone weighs or weighed does not change the person they are or were. 

Meet the Beatles...for Real is a Beatles fan club.  It is NOT a historical Beatles site.   Sure, there are some authors that use the stories found here in their research when writing a book.    However, no one is to EVER take a date or location stated on this site to be completely accurate.   Unless I am sharing a story directly from a fan that documented the date and location of meeting the Beatle, you need to do your own research to verify the date and location. 

I do not know everything about the Beatles.   I make mistakes.  I have a job outside of this.   I do not have the time in my life to research the Beatles 100% of my day.   When you find an error of a date, location, or anything else, please tell me kindly.    There is a big difference between saying, " I looked into this and the date is actually _______,"  and "You are WRONG!  The year was ____!!!!!!!"   

I will no longer be approving messages of people that correct things in a rude way.  It is annoying.  

I also struggle with spatial relations.   It is a true struggle for me to tell if a photograph is flipped backward or not.   I literally can spend an hour looking at a photo and trying to tell if it is backward.  I struggle even to tell if Paul's bass is going the right direction.   You might not realize that I get it right a lot of the time.   However, I appreciate your help in this area.   If you see a backward photo, please kindly let me know.  

Please do not post the name of John Lennon's killer on these pages.   I will never post his photo.  When talking about him, just call him "the killer."   Yoko Ono asked us years ago to stop saying his name.  I respect that and have done so.   We all know the killer's name.   It isn't a secret, just don't say it here.  It is my belief that he was a killer that disguised himself to be a Beatles fan.    He took advantage of the fans that were there on December 8 and blended in with them and pretended to be one of us.  He is not one of us.   He was not a deranged fan.   He was a killer.   That is all I will say about it. 

Also please do not call the fans that waited outside of the Beatles studio or homes "stalkers."   None of those fans had any intention of harming any of the boys.   Remember that life was different during the 1960s and 1970s.   These fans just wanted to see the Beatles.   

Let's have fun!   The Beatles were funny.   Sometimes I post something that was meant as a silly joke and people are WAY too serious!   

Please note: While I respect the right of free speech, I will no longer accept any comments that are rude, mean or hateful.   

Peace and Love,

Sara S. 


  1. The photo on this website with John Lennon and another person ( who'se identity I not at liberty to divulge ) is the property of a good friend of mine who wons the original and is signed Where did you find this copy

    1. I have never posted a photo of John Lennon and his killer (if that is who you are talking about). If there is another photo of John and someone else -- that is pretty broad and I need more information.

  2. Right on Sara, it's all about respect and fun, thank you always for the work you do on this site for everyone, forever fab, peace and love

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  4. Good for you. Sorry you've had to deal with meanies. This site is a service, and it's amazing. Thank you.

  5. Thank you Sarah, for all you do to keep this site going! It is a treasure of Beatles history! Peace & Love!

  6. Great site Thank you very much .

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  8. Thank you This is fun!