Friday, June 24, 2016

A few more from Munich

Beatlemania in Munich 1966

Let's take a look at what the fans looked like in Munich 50 years ago....

Evening concert in Munich

Backstage rehearsals and relaxation

Backstage in Munich, the Beatles rehearsed the harmonies on "Paperback Writer" and relaxed a bit.  Looks like they checked out the official tour poster as well.

Afternoon in Munich

The Beatles came on stage at 6:47pm in Munich, Germany for the first concert performance in 6 months.  

Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Beatles with their Bravo Otto Award

The German concert tour was sponsored by Bravo magazine, so they took the opportunity of the first Beatles press conference in their country to present them with the Bravo Otto Award and get plenty of photographs of the Beatles with the award.

Press conference with candy stripes

The Beatles press conference in Munich will always be remembered as the press conference where Ringo Starr wore a candy cane striped suit.    Paul and John also showed off the German edition of John's 2nd book.

Hello Munich!

As soon as they stepped foot off the plane, they were asked how they liked Munich.  

Heading to Munich

Leaving for Germany

The Beatles left London and headed towards Germany for the Bravo-Beatles-Blitztournee on June 23, 1966--first stop was Munich!