Sunday, December 3, 2023

Bike rider


In Brazil

 December 3, 1993

30 years ago today Paul was in Brazil and he is back in Brazil again tonight.   

Apple Meeting 1983


December 1, 1983 -  Dorchester Hotel 

It was on this date that Paul & Linda, Ringo, George and Yoko all met at Yoko's suite at the Dorchester Hotel in London.    According to a comment on this very site, The Beatles EMI contract had expired in 1976, so they'd each had the option to sign with other labels - George and Ringo signed with new labels, but Paul stayed with EMI, but as part of the new deal, Paul negotiated an increased royalty payment for Beatles' record sales - so he was getting more than the others.

The meeting did not go well, but Paul and Linda sure look happy.  I still have never found a photograph of Ringo from this date.  But apparently he tolk a reporter who asked if the Beatles were getting back together not to be "daft."  

Four Smiling Beatles