Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Arrested in Japan

From my count -- Paul has been arrested five times in his life:  Once for the burning condom with Pete Best in Hamburg 1960, and the rest were for marijuana (1972, 1973, 1980, and twice in 1985).  There were a few other times where Linda was arrested and took the blame.      John was arrested once and George once and so far Ringo is the only Beatle with a clean record.     

Paul's most well-known arrest was in Japan in January 1980.     These photos were from that time period.

When punk is popular but you still love the Beatles

Touring in '65

Apple work


Paris Jackson is a Beatles fan.   She is often is seen wearing a Beatles shirt.   Not too long ago she posted a seflie of herself in tears at a Paul concert -- talking about what an amazing experience it was.

Her dream of meeting Paul came true yesterday.   Reports say that he commented how meeting Paul "Rocked her world."   

I think Paris is truly a fan like any of us.   I don't think her love for the Beatles and Paul has a whole lot to do with her Dad (I could be totally wrong -- just going on observation.)

Regardless of why she is a fan, I want to congratulate her on accomplishing somethat that all of here would love to do (and some have done it as well) -  met a Beatle for real!