Tuesday, February 21, 2017

too close and out of focus--love it anyway!

Stopping for a fan

Wings Downunder

Paul and Geoff

Photo by Leslie Bryce for BBM

Last week, when I wrote my review on the Geoff Emrick book, I was struggling to find photographs of Geoff with the Beatles  (the book didn't have any photos in it).   As things always turn out on this blog, I find this photo of Geoff and Paul working on the Sgt. Pepper album a few days after I made the post.   Might as well share it now!

Never say "never ever..."

This letter from George's mum must have been written about 50 years ago.   There was a lot of rumors going around that the Beatles were breaking up, and it was nice for Louise to assure this fan, Kathy, that the guys were "never, ever" breaking up and "we will always be a group."  I wish that was true---but in 1967 the turmoil hadn't yet begun.