Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Eyes of the Storm

Photos taken by Paul McCartney 


Paul McCartney has announced that coming this June, he is releasing a book of photographs he had taken of his fellow Beatles in January-February 1964 called Eyes of the Storm.  We have seen quite a few of Ringo's photographs from this time period, so it is great that Paul is going to publish the photos he took s well.   From the sneak peek photos we saw today, they look great!   I just love the one of Ringo and George in Miami.

Now I'd love to see a Beatles photo album of photographs taken by all four of the Beatles.  We know they all were snapping photos because we see them with cameras.  

If nothing else, I hope this is the first of many photo books of Paul's photographs.   He is the Beatle I notice the most during the touring years with a camera around his neck.   What photos did he take?   Maybe we will soon find out!  

Go Out Singing

 January 25, 1968 -  The Beatles film their live-action part at the end of the Yellow Submarine.   They are all wearing dark colors and standing in front of a black background because there was supposed to be colorful animation drawn around them.   However, the production ran out of money, and that animation was never created (except for the "love") the Beatles look extremely plain for 1968 at the end of a colorful film. 

I do like that you see them learning the script in these photos.  "Newer and bluer Meanies have been spotted in the vicinity of this very theater..."

Ringo at the House of Blues


January 25, 2008 -  Ringo appears on the Larry King Show and then performs at the House of Blues in L.A. 

Yes, Paul plays a little guitar