Thursday, April 2, 2020

Blurry Ringo

Photo by Bob Rush (posted here with his permission)

Bob apologizes for the blurry photo of Ringo but says he was nervous when he took it.   It is totally understandable, Bob.   He took this inside of Apple in 1971.  I love the Beatles / McCartney albums on the wall in the background.

John in 1969

The last Paul sighting before quarantine

March 13, 2020

This was the last time we saw a photo of Paul before the U.S. was put on lockdown.   He was at an airport in NYC on Friday the 13th.   Paul is currently on self-quarantine in the Hamptons.

There is a video / still from a video going around of Paul holding a sign in support of the NHS.  The
footage is real and Paul supports the NHS, especially because his mother was a nurse.  However, the footage was shot last year and they released it today because of the virus.   It is not current.

We have heard from Ringo a few times since we've been locked down, however, we really haven't heard directly from Paul.   A lot of fans are concerned about Paul's health and safety and have been hoping he'd post a photo of himself.   I was hoping he'd do one of those concerts from his home deals that so many musicians have been doing  (Hey -- it could happen!). 

Let's hope we hear from Paul soon.   I'm sure he is doing just fine, but it would be nice to hear from him.

Look what I see behind your ear, George!

Paul, the camera is over there -- okay folks take 2!

April 2, 1965

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

John in 1976

This little nugget of John news from 1976 was discovered in the May/June 1976 issue of The Write Thing

John seems to be taking a sabbatical from the business for a while at least so that he can be free to just stay at home and watch over his new little son.   Some of our New York members have reported seeing him "en Familia" walking about in Central Park.  As one member wrote, "The day was March 14 and I was near Central Park, near where John and Yoko live.  I was reading a sign on a building and turned around and right next to me was a man who looked just like John.  I put two and two together and it definitely was John.  He was looking at me like, "don't give me away."   We followed him and Yoko down the block.  John had Sean in a knapsack on his back.  Yoko was smiling at him.  John now wears his hair very short and he was also wearing clear glasses. 

Jerry Lewis Telethon

I've been looking for a photo of Ringo performing on the Jerry Lewis Telethon for years.    A long time ago someone was in a lively discussion with me claiming that Ringo did not perform on the Jerry  Lewis Telethon in 1979.  He only answered the telephones.    I said that he did perform.  Then I was asked to supply a photograph or video, which I could not do.   However --- today I can!   Here is Ringo playing the drums at the Jerry Lewis Telethon in 1979.

Thank you for these flowers

George looks uneasy

Paul's Help organ

april 1, 1965