Dear Beatle People: The Beatles North American Fans Club 1963-1972 (updated)


Sara Schmidt's new book all about The Beatles fan club:  Dear Beatle People:  The Beatles North American Fan Club 1963-1972 is finally here!

The unheard true story of the Beatles fan clubs in the United States and Canada is coming soon!  Stories from fans that met the Beatles because of the fan club, photographs, and the scandal of the Independent Beatles fan clubs verse Beatles (USA) Ltd will be laid out for the first time.    

The book was written by me (Sara) and illustrated by Eric Cash (  

If you are interested in buying the book, you have a few options.   You can buy one directly from me for $65 for hardbacks and $45 for paperbacks (Shipping in the United States included)  , and I will sign the book for you.  Ordering it from me might take a few weeks if I do not have any books on hand.  You can also buy one from Amazon (and just about any other bookseller).    I will include my affiliate link.

Contact me if you have any questions about the book.  I am happy to answer them. 

I still have some of the Beatles fan club pin currently for sale:

Do you want to show your lifetime love and devotion to The Beatles?   Then you need this Official Beatles Fan club enamel pin!   Each pin is 1.5 inches long with a double pinback.   Sara Schmidt assisted in the creation of this pin.  

(This is a fan-made item and not connected to The Beatles or Apple).   

Pins cost $12.00 shipped within the United States.  Please contact me if you are out of the United States and would like a pin.

I accept Paypal at or Venmo @Sara-Schmidt-72


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  2. This is exciting!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to read this!!!!!! Man oh man, I'm not on the blog as much as I used to, I turn around and you've got an entire new book about the fan club? Can't wait!

  3. Looking forward to it. I enjoyed your previous book and enjoy your contributions to the A is for Apple book series. Great work!

  4. I belong to the lifetime Beatles fan club! Love you John Lennon ! Tanya Hanna (kisses from your wife!)💕 Eloise Wilkin

  5. Where can I get a copy of your latest book?

  6. good luck with the sales of your book, am sure you put a lot of work into it

  7. Hi SARA, my name is HORACIO, I'm from ARGENTINA, I've been following your beautiful and exciting space dedicated to the FAB FOUR for many years, and I want to congratulate you and thank you for creating such a beautiful and interesting space for all the beatles fans in the world. Now I am interested in buying your book on the history of fan clubs in the USA and CANADA. I ask you, the paperback edition differs somewhat from the hardcover. Well, I want that edition, and I need to know what the final cost would be, including postage. That's all for now, I send you a warm greeting and I look forward to your response soon. THE BEST HORATIO

  8. nice but too much money and not in my language