Sunday, October 29, 2017

Gotta light?

Photo taken from negative.  From the collection of Sara Schmidt 

Okay those of you that keep me on my toes about photos being flipped.   Which way should this go?  I have flipped and flopped and both ways took right to me. 


  1. You have it correct as posted. Great photo from The Knack premiere - June 2, 1965 (some sources say the 3rd).

    1. Thank goodness! Now that I finally figured out how to flip photos, I was flipping this one like crazy. Since it came right from a negative, it was espeically difficult.

  2. hehe flipping and flopping (isn't that the name of a Lennon song ? )

  3. Right ways, left ways, front ways, from behind - it's all good views of Lennon!

  4. How sweet of Ringo to give Cynthia a light... Not a fan of smoking but I do like the chivalry gesture.

  5. You’ve probably got it right. Ringo was left handed and I’m quite certain Cyn was right handed. If she were left handed (I am), she’d likely be holding her cigarette in her left hand.