Wednesday, October 25, 2017

When the Beatles met Fats Domino

I am sure you have heard that Fats Domino passed away today.  I always hated that his nickname was "Fats."   Seriously --- he looks like a healthy man to my eyes and I would have hated to have been given a nickname of "Fats" and that is what everyone called me forever, but I suppose he didn't mind.

Mr. Domino was a huge influce on the Beatles from back in the early days in Hamburg and one of the few celebrities the Beatles wanted to meet when they toured the United States in the summer of 1964 was Fats.   Thankfully one of their opening acts, The Frogman, had connections and wa able to make that meeting happen.

Fats Domino and the Beatles met in the trailor that was set up behind the stage in New Orleans and for 60 minutes, the five of them took photos (for Fats kids he said) and had a sing along!   What did they sing?   That seens to have been lost to history.    But from the look of the photographs, they all sure seemed to enjoy themselves.    The one thing that stood out from Paul about that meeting? He shared that in the Anthology series in 1994  "He had a very big diamond watch in the shape of a star, which was very impressive."  


  1. In Paul's recent tribute to Fats, he seems to have mis-remembered the watch as a star shaped ring...

    1. Happens to all of us, should we be lucky enough to live into our 80s