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All Together now

Reading the mail

Paul reads some fan mail backstage in 1963 in this Robert Freeman photo.  Did you ever write fan mail to the Beatles?

George early 1977

A fan  story about George's trip to Europe in  February 1977 to promote his album 33 1/3 is found in the May/June 1977 issue of "The Wright Thing."  It was written by Viviane Bourcreix who was from Pont de la Moye, France.  I find this interesting because I have never been able to find a whole lot of information about George's trip.  Included are just some photos from that time period. You can find some screen shots of the TV show mentioned in this story RIGHT HERE. 

I had already heard very briefly about the parties organized by Warner Bros. but I was really glad to have so many details (Jan/Feb newsletter) and I thoroughly enjoyed the items written by George Tebbins and Tempy Snow.  I could imagine every minute and understood every reaction they had just as if I had been there.  Thank them for me.

It seems that George enjoys "blitzkrieg" attacks as you say:  he came to Paris quite unexpectedly.  I came to know it quite by chance on Feb 3rd that he'd be in Paris from Friday Feb. 4th for a few days to promote his "33 1/3" LP.  when I heard that, I just couldn't believe it, it didn't seem like him to come and promote his LP via radio and TV.  Then I thought, well, why not, after all he did it in the USA and in London, why not in Paris.  So I began phoning everywhere (to the French TV, to radio broadcasts...).  I was told that it was true:  George was expected both on TV and at Europe 1 (radio) so I decided to go to Paris, maybe I could meet him.  I couldn't know anything about this plane but I was sure he would arrive on Friday afternoon, and would go to the Plaza Alhenee a smart hotel (as good as the famous George V hotel where the Fab Four used to go).  He was then expected at Europe 1 at 7:30pm. for an hour programme (a few people could come and attend the "show" so I was there).  Can you believe I had been waiting for 12 years to see him live, God it was something!  He had already come to Europe 1 with his friends in 1964 & '65, so he knew the place well; as for TV it was the first time would appear there.  What a happening!

The place was hot when he came into the studio that evening.  He was smiling, splendid looking very gentle and healthy; his hair was all curly and he was wearing a mustache, he looked so young and really modest (he never played the "I am the biggest star" ya know?).  He was far more relaxed than when I watched him on TV.  (It was private there so we couldn't come in).

It's funny to see how he is so sensitive to the surroundings.  I mean, at Europe 1 there were genuine friendly fans who knew him well around him and he was so easy; on the contrary, on TV he knew nobody and we could clearly see that he didn't feel very comfortable, even though the journalist was all right.  At the end of the hour programme, during which he talked a lot, and said practical jokes, he came out and signed autographs with the loveliest smile you've ever seen.  I tried to take pictures but we were too nervous.

The Grapefruit jacket

Here is a great photo of John Lennon at one of the 1971 London signing of Yoko's book, Grapefruit.   The jacket that John is wearing this day was up for auction a while back.   I recognized it right away.   I know John wore this jacket frequently during the "Imagine" period, but I think of it as the "Grapefruit" jacket.

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Avoiding fans in Miami


Maybe that security guy that is just looking up in amazement thinks George is singing the song, Help! and not yelling out for help from this fan who made it on stage.   Okay...I know this photo is from 1964 and the song Help! hadn't even been written yet.   I am just trying to be funny.  

Fan in 1966

Yeah, I could hang out with this girl....I love her Beatles photos!

Richie 'Rites...

Keeping with my "Wings over America" theme, I figured I might as well share the next story that is printed in the June/July 1976 issue of  The Wright Thing.   This one was written by Ringo fan, "Richie" about her experience at the Paul concert where Ringo made a appearance.  

Hello everyone!  Having survived this tour was in itself a feat, but the real test was returning home and realizing that I could no longer boogie about every night while being mesmerized by probably the greatest talent of our time.  The connoisseur of writing and performing -- Paul McCartney.

Perhaps though, the hardest of all was keeping my thoughts and feelings under control.  Making a mind check while Paul made a sound check.  Trying hard to come across as an at least half-normal individual at airports, instead of a jibbering looney or a mute.  That pretense went out the window at Kansas City airport and while tearing down the freeway in Tucson doing 90, all the while waving and cheering at the limo along side of us.  (Yeah Richie really blew her "calm image" in K.C. when she grabbed onto Paul's hand, a wild gleam in her eye, and nearly fell in the window and unto his lap.  Paul, knowing a lost cause when he sees one, held onto her hand for a ;minute and said sympathetically, 'You'll be alright'.  Little does he know!  But she's normal, you just ask her, she'll tell you.)

I reflected for three days before the L.A. concerts, just what I'd do or say to Ringo if he did turn up at one of hte shows.  I was still reflecting ten minutes before the first show, in complete oblivion, while Ringo walked in behind me on his way to a balcony seat!  I finally realized what was happening ---what with Barb nudging me and screaming, "It's Ringo!" in my ear and the audience going hysterical.  (we were standing on our chairs cheering, but Richie was still standing there going, 'what? what?' in a daze.)

Finally I grabbed my camera, stumbled down the aisle from the 12th row, and charged up the balcony like an Amazon woman, only to come to a dead stop in front of him.  What else could I say but, "Hello, Rich."  He returned with a hello and a very amused smile "How ya doing?"  (I didn't have an answer to that -- I think he noticed).  I finally managed to take three photos -- even focused the last one.  I did think of taking the seat next to him, but an enormous security guard informed me that I was taking His seat.  Oops!

Half way back to the 12th row, the lights dimmed, the bubbles began, the show started.  I avoided the same security guard four different times.  The last time he found me directly in front of the stage facing the audience.  Needless to say he promptly took me back ot my seat, literally dragging me by the back of my shirt.

The show was a phenomenon.  They all were.  Paul, when happy, has to be positively the most "up" person I have ever seen.  I love him for that.  He radiates happiness, and I can absorb that like a sponge.  He's needed by us all. .

That night he was Mr. Showman.  Rich was in the audience (not to mention Elton & Cher and a lot of other Hollywood celebs and record company officials) and Paul knew it.  The KGB chicken boogied (you had to be there) and the little old lady in the balcony with the John Lennon T-shirt and the shawl marveled.  And afterward, seeing them together on stage...once again...

Paul toured the country and touched everyone along the way.  I'll never be the same -- a cliche but the only way I can tell you how I feel.

The night we were to leave for home, we splurged and spent our last money on a super dinner that was accompanied by a three-piece combo.  The violinist noticed our ;misty-eyed staring (which was tour-ending blues) and he offered to play our request.  "Something by Paul McCartney?"  He thought to himself a moment and asked, "Yesterday?"  We nodded.  "Paul McCartney (he almost spoke it like a fan), a genius, a musical genius!" , said the 50-ish violinist.  Yeah, we know, we know!  But that's not all.

You won't see me

I have heard Jorie Gracen tell this story in person at least twice at Chicago Beatlefest over the years.   The way she tells it is so funny!   When I found her story printed in the July/August 1976 issue of the Write Thing, I was happy to read it and be able to share it with you all.   I always think it is neat to read a Beatle fan meeting that was written shortly after the meeting occurred.    When this story was written, Jorie was just a Paul fan out to meet her favorite Beatle.   Jorie has "grown up" to be a rock photographer and some of her photos have appeared in the CD booklet that go with some of the Paul live CDs from the 1990s.  She also as a book of Paul photos called I saw him standing there.    This story was written along with Mindy Goldenberg.  The photos I included from the 1976 Wings tour were not taken by Jorie but I did include a photo of her and Paul taken during the "End of the World" tour.

Contained herein is the exciting saga of two ordinary obsessed girls who winged it around the U.S. of A. in search of Macca, only to meet with constant frustration.  A few bright moments lightened our futile adventures, such as our meeting with Joe English and the time Jorie almost got Paul's autograph. 

Our little saga starts in Chicago when Jorie, with a little help from her friends, obtained an official photo pass to catch Macca's gleaming smiles right below the stage.  Not wanting to pass up this golden opportunity to give Paul something personal, she had a head transfer photo of a Beatles butcher cover printed onto a black t-shirt (think he wears large?).  When he first appeared out of the mist, we all thought we died and went to heaven.  Jorie began to wonder if she'd be able to hold the camera straight (she did, for about 1500 pictures!).  She threw the t-shirt up to him during "Jet", and it landed with great accuracy right by the famous foot.  With the blindness that was to continually frustrate us, he looked right past it.  Denny Laine saw it however, and added to the moment immensely by laughing and snickering at Jorie's efforts to get Macca's attention.  She took the t-shirt off the stage and tried again, spreading it carefully in front of him so that the picture showed quite clearly.  At that point Paul went to the piano for "Maybe I'm Amazed".  When he returned to center stage for the acoustic set, still looking straight past it.  Jorie gave up and yelled desperately "Linda."  She promptly picked it up when Jorie threw it at her, figuring it was for her.  When she looked at the Beatles on the shirt, she was none too pleased and threw it down on the piano.  So much for trying to give a gift to the man who has everything!

After hearing from a once reliable source that the McCartney's were staying in Highland Park (a ritzy suburb of Chicago), we cruised around there the whole day, only to hear on the radio that he was actually staying in Libertyville. Back we went, checking out every stables and horse farm, to the utter amusement of one woman who wondered if we wanted some of the manure from Paul's horse as a souvenir.

In L.A. our luck was getting better all the time.  At the first concert, Ringo showed up after the second encore on stage, looking every inch like "Mr. Hollywood", shades and all.  The second night, everyone "went potty out there", Jorie ripped out her vocal chords screaming the "oh yeahs's" in "Soily" and Mindy almost got smothered to death when they stormed the stage.  The third night was flawless, especially when he picked up the red carnation we threw on stage after "Yesterday."

Naturally we were among the die-hards who waited for the limo to drive in every day at 5 for the sound checks, and out at the time between midnight and 2 am.  One afternoon, while driving in, Paul saw us and gave us the victory sign and a warm smile through the window.  Things like that make it all worthwhile!

But we were determined to meet him so we waited outside until 2 am the night of the last concert in L.A. along with about 50 other fanatics.  When we saw them getting into the car (security was very loose by this time), Jorie ran down the driveway and was rewarded by reaching the car before it took off.  She ran to the window and Paul waved to her.  She looked in and saw him resplendent in a while suit and dark shades, looking thinner and younger than onstage.  Excitedly, she grabbed a piece of paper hoping to get his autograph for posterity, and stuck her arm in the window with it.  All of a sudden a nasal voice from another corner of the limo said, "I have to close the window now", and proceeded to push the button.  Linda, of course.  Frantically Jorie cried, "Can I just have your autograph, Paul?" and Linda said, "Yes" while Paul nodded smiling.  He continued to sign his sign his name for what seemed like hours and then valiantly attempted to give her the autograph through the now closed window.  When he repeatedly shoved it against the glass, Linda generously opened the window, and then the long arm of the jailor man grabbed Jorie.  So Paul drove off into the night with his autograph and Jorie kept thinking "allI got was a photograph and I realize you're not coming back with my autograph."  At least she saw the famous face, though.

Undefeated, we drove up to Ringo's house the next day, after having been tipped off by some Showco people, bless them.  Spotting Joe English's car in the driveway, we thought where there's one Wing, there might be more and boldly knocked on the door.  After a few obligatory denials, the blonde woman who answered (it wasn't Lindsey de Paul), said that Joe was leaving for the airport and didn't have time to see us.  But just then, Joe bounded out, nice as can be, signed autographs and chatted.  He reacted a bit strangely when we mentioned Paul.  We asked if he had gone back to England yet and Joe said, a little disgustedly, "Paul went to the moon."  But it was still pleasant to end to our visit, as were the 5 Beatle movies we saw the next day at a local theater.  They must have known we were there!

But the next time the lights go down and he's back in town, you can believe that we will meet the Big Mac himself!

Emperor's Gate

“Everything changed again a few weeks later when the fans discovered our address. We woke one morning to find teenage girls, with the de rigueur beehive hairstyle and black eyeliner, camped on the pavement outside. After that they were always there, day and night. If any of the residents in the flats accidentally left the front door open they would grab their chance and slip-in. We’d fine them camped on the lino in the hallways, with sleeping bags and Thermos flasks.
Inside the flat we were fine. With the fans down in the street below we felt safe and peaceful several floors up. But once the fans discovered us it was clear that we couldn’t stay there for long and we wondered where we could go to escape the attention.”
-Cynthia Lennon

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This is just a test

Blogger has made some changes to their layout and things on my end look very different.   So I wanted to try to post a photo and make sure I was doing it all correctly.   So here is a freebie George photo.  Somehow I do not think any of you will mind. 

Cool in the car

Oh yeah

Paul in Southampton September 9, 1975.  Photo by Silvia Purbs

John in Philly '72

This story of a fan meeting John and Yoko during the tape of the Mike Douglas show in Philadelphia in January 1972 is from May/June 1977 issue of The Write Thing.  It was written by Holly Price of Grand Rapids Michigan.   What impresses me about Holly is that she was so independent as a 17 year old Lennon fan.   She was able to get tickets to see the show and go to the after-party at a hotel in Philadelphia all by herself.   Maybe for John I would have been more independent, but overall I am not like that and especially not when I was 17 years old. 

This account is about John and Yoko; that is to say it consists of the effects of prolonged Beatlesmania, adolescence and shock.  I met them in January 1972 while they were in Philadelphia co-hosting the Mike Douglas show.  At the time I was seventeen.

The fact that they were coming to town was a secret I managed to pry out of a man who worked at KYW-TV.  I’d hit them all, that day and he was the only one who would answer me.  “John Lennon –yeah, he’ll be here tomorrow with Yoko.  He’s coming in five Fridays to guest host.”  I was just going crazy very serenely.  An usher informed me that George was going to be a guest on the show … can you see it?!?!  He also told me that Ringo, yes, Mr. Starkey MBE himself, would also be on one of the shows.  I nearly screamed hysterically, “and Paul?”  “No Paul couldn’t make it.”

As we all know now, it was yet another of the reunion rumors that occurs anytime one of them goes anywhere.  It didn’t matter – if John could render me speechless, I knew I might pass out if all four were there.

 I called the ticket office to see if there were any cancellations for Friday’s show.  No luck, so on Friday (January 14) I went to the studios and there began the long wait.  It was 20 degrees outside.          

I met two guys who were Beatle freaks or whatever you wanna call it but they were very obnoxious.  Usually I can get along with anyone who shares that particular interest but it wasn’t worth it with these two.  So I ignored them.  I put my name on the stand-by list in case there were extra seats.  I was third on the list.

A woman showed me Yoko’s autograph and we talked about her.  “I saw her on the Frost show yesterday,” she said, “and she’s got a good head.”  I think Yoko would have liked that comment.

The two obnoxious guys went to get coffee.  By the time they had returned, I had met John & Yoko and seen Phil Spector.  Ha—the suckers!

I was standing facing the door of KYW when I hear, “Here some someone.”  I turned around and my heart took a dive into my feet.  There, crossing the street toward us, were John and Yoko Lennon.

It happened so fast.  He was wearing a baseball uniform shirt and a jacket.  Yoko had her hair pulled back and looked old.  People were asking them to sign things which I wasn’t going to do but figured what the hell.  I grabbed the pen in my pocket and fished in my shoulder bag for some paper.  My hands were frozen – but mind over matter.  Yoko was going on about peace, but my nerves were too fuzzy to concentrate.  An older man showed John and old Beatle picture form 1963 and John sort of grinned.  The man asked him to sign a cloth hanging of the Beatles.  I was not in a thinking state of mind, but now I wonder John didn’t run in, away from all those strange people who identified him with his past.  Or say, at least, I’m not a Beatle anymore, y’know.

But he didn’t.  He said something like, “I’ve never seen that before.”  The man asked him to sign it on the collar. 
“Which one are you?”
“There I am,” John pointed out after careful scrutiny.  He got down on the sidewalk and asked for my pen.  I gave it to him gladly, and he gave me a Lennon smile.  After he signed the hanging I asked him to sign for me and he did.  The only paper I could find was my school roster, ironically enough, because I was cutting school brazenly. 

You may wonder where Yoko was all this time.  He was right there, but my eyes were riveted (frozen, more like) to only John.

They went in.  My eyes filled up and I started to shiver all over from cold and nerves.  I found out that George wasn’t on the show, but the day was young yet (And I, as you may have guessed, was crazy!).

I saw Phil Spector arrive in a black limousine and then the two obnoxious guys came back.  I enjoyed myself telling them what they’d missed.  They were furious.

Meanwhile, the lucky people with the tickets were beginning to arrive.  I stood by the door asking if anyone would sell theirs.  I was told then if I solicited tickets I wouldn’t get in, even on stand-by.  But my informer suggested I ask for extras.  This worked immediately.  But once inside, an usher said we were eon stand-by and couldn’t come in until everyone else was seated.  For those of you who have never watched Mike Douglas, it’s usually rather mediocre and the audience consists of old ladies and sometimes young housewives.  You must write weeks in advance for the tickets and you are never told who will be on.  It was a safe bet that most of that audience could have cared less that John and Yoko were on.  It was enough to make you scream!

At 12:30 everyone on the stand-by list was allowed to go in.  We had to wait while a man known forever as Mr. Crab kept us in suspense for 10 minutes.  Finally, five of us got in.  Half of me was in satori and the other half was upset because none of my friends made it (they’d arrived too late).   Everyone wished me luck and I went in.  I sat in the last seat on the farthest row, the worst in the house.  But I was there.

Mike Douglas began his song of the day - -Michele – faux pas indeed! Afterwards he introduced them, “and the writer of that song…”  When they sat down, John said, “I didn’t write that song, you know.  Only the middle eight.”  John and Yoko looked great.  Until the camera began getting in front of them and I could see only their feet.

John and Yoko had thought of an event.  For the five shows they wanted the guests and the audience to sign a huge canvas which would eventually be give to a charitable cause.  Of course, it never reached the back row.  An usher came up to me and said, “There’s a seat up front.”  I grabbed everything and followed him to the front row.  I could hardly have had a better seat.  One of those unbelievable blessings which sometimes fall on the devoted!

I was just in time for the band, Elephant’s Memory, and two songs, “It’s so Hard” and “Midsummer New York.”  This was followed by Yoko’s phone event (calling up an arbitrary person in the phone book and telling her/him you loved them).  They called all the John Lennon’s listed in the Philadelphia phone book – no one answered.  John remarked, “All the Lennons are in bed!” (This comment was of course edited when the show was on the air a month later).

The ending is filmed twice and before the second one John came over to our row and sat down about three seats away from me.  He was besieged with requests for autographs.  I was standing there holding a pen and he asked to use it.  I decided to buy him some pens.  Yoko came over and began signing too, standing next to me.  I couldn’t believe how tiny she was.  She signed one for me too, and then they called to re-film the ending.  Yoko said, “come on John.”  He finished and got up.  At the last moment he turned and gave me my pen.  I was too nervous to look him in the eye so I looked at his hand (what a thrill!)  They did the ending again and everyone began to leave.

Friday 28th January 1972:  This day, their last day, I had a ticket.  The format had drastically changed – this time the first 2 rows were filled with press people and relatives of KYW people.  I sat near Jerry Rubin and talked to him before the show began.

They announced they were going to tape a segment of the audience asking questions.  A man asked John, “Did you hear the new McCartney album?”
“The Wings one?”  John asked. (Wildlife).
“Did you like it?”  “Did you?”  Replied john.
“Well, I like some of the things on it.  I think he’s improving.”  They talked about Paul and John said he had dinner with him the other night.  This astonished me to no end – it was in the thick of the John vs. Paul business.  Someone asked why John wrote “How do you Sleep?”  John said something to the effect that he was replying to RAM and that Paul understood.

At the end they passed to canvas into the audience and I got to sign it.  Somebody had written, “You know my name – look up my number.”

I went to the Warwick Hotel directly after the show was over and there were a lot of out of town people.  After a while they came in, and I numbly watched the crowd bother them.  I was behind Yoko as they waited for the elevator and I asked her, “Yoko could I please talk to you?”

“Not now, we must hurry.” She said.  We were being literally crushed by the mob.  I had a question for her that I didn’t get to ask on the show.  One guy was yelling, “Please John, just one picture!”  He followed this up with, “I grew up with you, John!”

I was sickened.  John said, “Forget it man.”  The elevator came and they left.  There was a rush for the elevators and I was swept along with the crowd.  Upstairs, the corridor was packed with people.  I couldn’t believe it.  I left and wandered around the mezzanine, where they were setting up for a press conference.  I saw May Pang, although at the time I didn’t know her name.  I also had the luck to see Allen Klein.  But I knew it was over.  They would have a press conference and then leave and I had to go home.  I was only seventeen and still subject to my mother’s wishes.  “I’ve put up with enough, “she told me, “out late at night downtown, chasing the Beatles around…”

Foyles Lunch

John and Cynthia attended the Foyles Lunch on April 23, 1964 in honor of John's' first book, In His Own Write.  As the majority of Beatle fans know, John was hungover from partying the night before and did not know he was supposed to have prepared a speech.   And so he stood up said a brief thanks and promptly sat back down.  Cynthia has said that John felt bad about this and they stayed for hours afterwards signing books for the guests.   Brian Epstein was also there at this event and he too signed many of John's books.   A variety of people were at the luncheon.  Many older British ladies but also some Beatle fans who most likely did not care if John had a fancy prepared speech or not.

From time to time autographed copies of the book from this event appear on auction sites

John and Cynthia along with some of the guests at the luncheon.  

John hard at work signing those books.

Brian signed many books as well.

Fans que upat the luncheon to get their book for John to sign.

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John tries to help Sara sort out photos again

John is trying to help me decide what photos to include on this blog, but he is distracted.  Haha!   I love how he has a lap-full of BBM photos.  It reminds me of myself sometimes on my living room floor trying to sort through my Beatles photos!

John looks at the camera

Gorgeous photo of John signing an autograph.....

Totally 70's!

Who is the girl?

Who is the girl pictured here with George?  Is she a fan who is smitten with George?  Is she a girlfriend?  Is she a family member?

Meeting Macca in March (1977)

Photo taken by Margaret Drayton
This story comes from the July 1977 issue of the fanzine, "With a Little Help from my friends."  It was written by Margaret Drayton and Kathy Turner about their encounter with Paul at EMI in 1977.  What was neat to be is that I bought the photo that was taken by Margaret during this meeting at a Beatles convention.  Now I know the story behind the photo.  I love that!

Tuesday, 22nd March 1977, 12:30 pm found us in the cold outside the EMI studios in Abbey Road waiting for Paul, who was then working on the new Wings album.  Barb Fenick & co. had told us that Paul usually go there at two o’clock but had been known to sneak in much earlier leaving Linda to arrive at 2pm and meet the fans.  Not wanting that to happen, we’d made sure we were there really early and by one o’clock Barb and all were assembled, cameras at the ready and slowly freezing to death.  And so Paul was late!  It was well after 2:30pm before a pink Mini roared up Abbey Road and tried to turn left into the car park – but another car was blocking the entrance, and so Paul had to stop.  He looked back and forth (with those eyes!) between us fans (staring right at Kathy) and the offending car, and then drove in the exit, pulling up in the reserved space right by the door.  We rushed in after him and watched him get out.  He was wearing blue jeans, a multi-colored t-shirt and an expensive check jacket, and he looked just great.  He came towards us where we stood shivering with the cold and of course nerves.  He looked straight at Kathy again Then one of the regulars took a photo and Paul turned to her and said, “Haven’t you got enough photos?” which you could tell he meant, but he was being nice about it.   He must have been feeling a bit fed up with seeing the same faces every day.  Margaret asked him for his autograph and his expression changed when he looked at her – either because she was out of focus she was shaking so much , or because he hadn’t seen her there before.  He signed hers and several other books and didn’t say another word about the photos that most people were taking.  As he made a move to go in, Kathy asked him for his autograph and handed him, “In His Own Words” when he turned to face her.  He signed it and said, “Have you read it?”  Kathy replied, “Yes, it’s quite good.” Then he said, “I haven’t read it yet actually.  Is it true?”—leaning toward her as he asked!  Kathy jokingly replied, “Well it’s up to you!” What a day – when that man looks at you it’s hard enough to cope with, but when he leans towards you and speaks to you – well…!  We watched as he and Linda entered the building and then shivered our way home, although it didn’t seem to be quite so cold by then – probably because our feet weren’t touching the ground1  Thanks Paul for being so nice!

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Happy interview

Paul, Larry and Terri

Every time I have seen this photo, it has just been of Paul and Larry Kane.  I did not know that my favorite MC of Beatlefest, Terri Hemmert was also in the photo!   Why on earth someone would cut out on of the biggest fans of Paul that I know of is beyond me.   This was taken at the President Event in Washington D.C. in 2010.

I was just born yesterday....

I don't know about other Beatle fans, but I love to compare my personal history to what was going on in the lives of the Beatles at that same time.   I have spent many hours trying to find out what each of the Fab 4 were doing on the day I was born.   (Oct 8, 1976)  Well I found this story written by Zig Montgomery in the May/June 1977 issue of the Write Thing about going to the Dakota the day after I was born, which was Sean Lennon 1st birthday and John's 36th birthday.

I went down to NYC on John and Sean's birthday to drop off a gift at the apartments and met up with five other people who were doing the same, two of which were Patti and Jennie of "The Harrison Alliance" club.  Well, anyway we tried to leave the gifts at the front offices but they told me that Yoko got some "very bad hate packages" left off and "she really got frightened" from it, so "they are not accepting anything but mail now."  So we all stood around wondering what we were going to do with the packages so I got an idea and went over to the guard house and asked Hans the guard if they could take up all the gift cards?  He said yes, so Jennie Swenton wrote a message on one card saying something like, "We're downstairs, and it's raining and we have gifts for John and Sean that are too big to mail so could they send Nishi, John's chauffeur down to get them?"

Around twenty minutes later we got a message from the front office that Nishi was coming down to collect the gifts.  We flipped out at this point.  Then 15 minutes later we got another message not to leave as Yoko was sending down a cake she made to us.  So about ten minutes later Nishi comes out with an organic or natural food cake.  He told us John loved the gifts we gave and that Yoko felt sorry for us for standing in the rain and sent down the rest of their cake to us.  There were two pieces missing!  So into the guard house Nishi went and cut the cake complete with oriental print paper plates and napkins.  He even took a picture of all of us holding the cake and said it might be a good idea to send a copy to the Lennons.  Which I did.

Sean Lennon and Nanny on Oct. 9, 1976, Photo by Zig & Zim Ltd.
Later, Misako the nanny came down to stroll Sean around, but it started to rain and went right back in.  We all crowded around Sean and tried to make him laugh and talk.  Seeing Sean on his first birthday and getting that lovely cake from Yoko made the day!

Another car photo

John Sean and Yoko upgrade

Here is a much brighter and larger version of a previously posted photo.  Enjoy!

sorry for the delay

I wanted a quick apology for not updating this blog as I usually do.   On Wednesday night I was scanning photos from some magazines that I had recently purchased off ebay.   I went to save some files on the flash drive that I use to hold everything that has even appeared on this blog and I realized that the flash drive was infected with a virus.   While trying to delete all of that junk, my entire home computer became infected and I had to do some work to get everything cleaned up.   I am not a computer person and it took me a long time.   Once everything was cleaned up, I tried my flash drive again and started to cry because it looked like everything was gone!  It didn't seem possible so I found some directions as to how to make invisible files appear and presto!  My blog files were back.   So that is what I have been doing lately.  

I thought a flash drive was the best way to save everything from the blog.    Does anyone know a better way?  What does a cloud do?  Is that worth me looking into?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sister Mary

Ringo talks with Sister Mary at Santa Maria Hospital in Cambridge, Massachusetts where he was checking colleges for Barbara's daughter.

I have a very strong dislike for Ringo without any facial hair.  He looks alright without it in from 1962-1966 but then I want to always see him with some facial hair.   I hope he never goes back to this look clean shaved look that he had in 1985!   Although I bet this nun was behind excited to be holding drum sticks and talking with Ringo regardless of his facial hair issues.

More from the blue shirt at Cavendish set

This one is faded and looked strange when I tried to fix it.  But still it is yet another frame in the "Cavendish blue shirt" set of photos.

Long haired George

Totally am loving this photo!  Anyone have a non-watermarked copy?