Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Foyles Lunch

John and Cynthia attended the Foyles Lunch on April 23, 1964 in honor of John's' first book, In His Own Write.  As the majority of Beatle fans know, John was hungover from partying the night before and did not know he was supposed to have prepared a speech.   And so he stood up said a brief thanks and promptly sat back down.  Cynthia has said that John felt bad about this and they stayed for hours afterwards signing books for the guests.   Brian Epstein was also there at this event and he too signed many of John's books.   A variety of people were at the luncheon.  Many older British ladies but also some Beatle fans who most likely did not care if John had a fancy prepared speech or not.

From time to time autographed copies of the book from this event appear on auction sites

John and Cynthia along with some of the guests at the luncheon.  

John hard at work signing those books.

Brian signed many books as well.

Fans que upat the luncheon to get their book for John to sign.

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