Sunday, March 25, 2012

I was just born yesterday....

I don't know about other Beatle fans, but I love to compare my personal history to what was going on in the lives of the Beatles at that same time.   I have spent many hours trying to find out what each of the Fab 4 were doing on the day I was born.   (Oct 8, 1976)  Well I found this story written by Zig Montgomery in the May/June 1977 issue of the Write Thing about going to the Dakota the day after I was born, which was Sean Lennon 1st birthday and John's 36th birthday.

I went down to NYC on John and Sean's birthday to drop off a gift at the apartments and met up with five other people who were doing the same, two of which were Patti and Jennie of "The Harrison Alliance" club.  Well, anyway we tried to leave the gifts at the front offices but they told me that Yoko got some "very bad hate packages" left off and "she really got frightened" from it, so "they are not accepting anything but mail now."  So we all stood around wondering what we were going to do with the packages so I got an idea and went over to the guard house and asked Hans the guard if they could take up all the gift cards?  He said yes, so Jennie Swenton wrote a message on one card saying something like, "We're downstairs, and it's raining and we have gifts for John and Sean that are too big to mail so could they send Nishi, John's chauffeur down to get them?"

Around twenty minutes later we got a message from the front office that Nishi was coming down to collect the gifts.  We flipped out at this point.  Then 15 minutes later we got another message not to leave as Yoko was sending down a cake she made to us.  So about ten minutes later Nishi comes out with an organic or natural food cake.  He told us John loved the gifts we gave and that Yoko felt sorry for us for standing in the rain and sent down the rest of their cake to us.  There were two pieces missing!  So into the guard house Nishi went and cut the cake complete with oriental print paper plates and napkins.  He even took a picture of all of us holding the cake and said it might be a good idea to send a copy to the Lennons.  Which I did.

Sean Lennon and Nanny on Oct. 9, 1976, Photo by Zig & Zim Ltd.
Later, Misako the nanny came down to stroll Sean around, but it started to rain and went right back in.  We all crowded around Sean and tried to make him laugh and talk.  Seeing Sean on his first birthday and getting that lovely cake from Yoko made the day!


  1. This is MY picture. At the time this was the fist pic of Sean on his 1st b'day!

  2. i have this photo in color. one of my many us friends must know you, harold, since i got it years ago by mail. it's lovely!