Sunday, December 31, 2017

Wishing you all a happy new year!

Another year over and a new one just begun....     I had a very nice 2017 mostly because I was able to do a lot of traveling.    In one year's time I went to:   New Jersey,  Chicago, Arkansas, Iowa, Las Vegas, Liverpool, London, and all of the Netherlands.     And I would say that all of that was for Beatles reasons in one way or another.      I don't think I can afford another year like that, but I hope that Paul tours again this summer so I can go at least one place to see him. 

I want to thank each and every one of you that visit this site.   I know some of you visit daily and others weekly or monthly or just whenever you remember.   I thank you all for sticking with me and my silly little Beatles blog.     I want to thank those of you who have been understanding that I am not perfect.   I am going to misspell names and get dates wrong.   I am going to have typing mistakes and computer errors.     Thank you for knowing that I try my best to bring you different Beatles information.   I mostly keep this site going because I think it is fun.   I hope that you do too.

Who knows what 2018 will bring?    I guess we know that it is bringing us a "Sir" Ringo, which is really, really cool.    I hope it's a good one.   Without any fear.

The top 10 viral posts of 2017

One of the things I enjoy doing at the end of each year is look over the stats for this blog and see what has been going on during the year.     In 2017 I surpassed 4 millions hits on this site.     Of course, that has been spread over 8.5 years, so it isn't nearly as impressive as you might think.    Beatle fans come here mostly from the United States but also from the UK, Australia, Brazil, Canada and Germany (and other countries too!).    It still baffles me that all of you have been so invested in this site. 

I realize that most of you do not click on the individual links on this site.   Most of the site is photographs and you don't need to click on the link to see the photographs.    But everyone once in a while, there are some posts that become "viral."    People on facebook, twitter and other social media sites post the links and I see numbers shoot through the roof.   It is cool when that happens, but I know it is just someone looking at one "viral" post and most likely isn't someone that is going to stick around for the long run like so many of you.    But for fun I like to post the most viral posts of  2017.

10.   The Party's Over for the Beatles
        March 24, 2017

This is a wonderful article written by Derek Taylor about the break up of the band.    Derek has such an unusual writing style.   

9.  Sara's 10 Best Things for the Fest for Beatles Fans (2017)
          March 8, 2017

Here I am with other Beatlew authors at the Fest in New Jersey in March 

I went to the Fest for Beatle fans in New Jersey this past March and I tried to sell my book.    It was a good time and I highlight all the fun things in this post.   However --   I won't be going back.   I am going to stick to the Chicago Fest for a variety of reasons.

8.  Interview with Tommy Smothers
      December 5, 2017

This Tommy Smother's interview from the late 1980's was really interesting.   He talks about George and John's lost weekend time and the infamous Troubadour performance.

7.   The Fab 3 and Jimmie in Darwin
       February 27, 2017

This is just a photo post, but it is a very, very rare photograph of John, Paul, George and Jimmie Nichol in Darwin during the start of the Australian tour. 

6.  Who is Aunt Milly and why should she come back?
      June 25, 2017

I am happy to see that one of the articles I wrote made the list!    I spent a lot of time researching this one because I really wanted to find out exactly who "Milly" was in the sign seeing in the All You Need is Love Tv broadcast and who wants her to come back and why.   

5.  John Lennon returns to Mendips???
       March 30, 2017

This is another photo post.   However it was a mystery that we worked together to solve.   In the end it was determined that John was not back at Mendips, but visiting Aunt Mimi at Sandbanks.    Great working together to figure out this one!

4.  Sgt. Pepper at the Saville Theater
      June 4, 2017

This was my attempt at debunking the story that Jimi Hendrix heard the song Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club band on a Friday and played it on a Sunday.    I am not sure how much I debunked, but got a good conversation going about the topic -- which is pretty awesome.

3.  The Cutting Edge by Leslie Cavendish:  A Book Review
      October 18, 2017

I was fortunate to go on a tour of London with the Beatles' hairdresser, Leslie Cavendish as my guide this summer.    I was so looking forward to his book and it didn't disappoint at all!   Best Beatles book of 2017.   

2.  Intervidew with S. Cardinal - author of a brand new book about Tittenhurst Park
         April 5, 2017

I conducted this interview with S. Cardinal who puts out all of collector's books about the Beatles' homes about this project he was working on at the time, Tittenhurst Park.    The book is now available and is being mailed out to those who have ordered.    If you are interested, please order a book from him, and check out this interview again.

1.  Remembering David Cassidy
     November 22, 2017

It might seem silly that a Beatles blog posted something when David Cassidy sadly passed away.   But there were some pretty interesting Beatle connections that I felt were worth mentioning.   I am sorry that a tribute to David Cassidy was the most popular post.   I just hope that it somehow brought a little peace and comfort to David's fans.     While I am not a David Cassidy fan myself, I respect those that are because going through the death of John Lennon  (and even George Harrison), I know the feelings and I empathize with any fan community that as lost a member.   

Honorable Mention

Free Falling
March 21, 2017

This was my personal favorite post of 2017.    I knew nothing about it until I watched the 3 minute 'documentary' about the guy that got badly hurt at a John and Yoko demonstration.   And it just facinated me.   Check it out if you missed it the first time.   

All dressed up

The Snowy Day

Photo by Paul McCartney 

Fancy Dinner

Friday, December 29, 2017

Airplane life

Paul, George, George and tea

The press conference view

The Lovely Miss Braun

Beatles Glasses

This story comes from Beatle fan and collector, Steve Brodwolf, who posted this story on the Beatles Collector's Facebook page and gave me permission to share it here. 

I met Ringo in 1989. A travel agent friend alerted me that Ringo was flying into Chicago and I went to the airport to say "Hi." Another friend made these wacky Ringo/Beatles glasses and I gave them to Ringo. (the shot of me was taken earlier in the day, knowing I was going to give them to Ringo) He immediately put them on and asked me to take his picture. He signed several items for me and he never removed the glasses. He loved them. The next night, I went to the show and gave a copy of the shot to one of Ringo's stage crew. He took it back to Ringo. A few minutes later the stage guy called me to the edge of the stage. Ringo sent the picture back to me. Signed and personalized with a small Ringo work of art. ...He was totally cool.  - One odd thing about our meeting. It wasn't until I got the photo back that I noticed that on the day we met...we were both wearing the same shirt!

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

50 years ago -- Magical Mystery Tour

50 years ago, December 26, 1967 our friends in the U.K got the chance to watch the Beatles' Magical Mystery Tour on television for the first time.    It was broadcasted in black and white and got terrible reviews.    Today many people say that the reason for the bad reviews was because it wasn't shown in color (or colour as they would put it) and therefore, the viewers didn't get to experience the film as it was supposed to be enjoyed.   

Other people claim that Magical Mystery Tour was a film that was "ahead of its time."    To me, I guess it is WAY ahead of its time because it has been 50 years and I still think it is a terrible film.    Don't get me wrong.   I like the "music videos" for I am the Walrus, Your Mother Should Know, Blue Jay Way, Fool on the Hill.   There are a few little bits in there that are cute or funny.    You can't help but love Little Nicola's interactions with John and George.    Ringo and his "auntie" crack me up.   But....once you got a creeper John slopping nasty looking stuff onto a plate, a censored stripper and a million people crowding into a tiny tent --- you lost me.    I am just thankful that I purchased the film in the era of the VHS and after the first few viewings, I was able to fast forward to the song.   

As much as I don't understand Magical Mystery Tour and even have been known to call it "boring,"  I enjoy the music and the photographs from that time.    When you look at the timeline, you will notice that Brian Epstein hadn't been gone for even a month when they started filming, and this silly film was one of the last things the four of them really did as a GROUP of four guys. 

And so -- I bring to you photo of MMT in black and white.  Just as they were seen 50 years ago today.

Missing scene

Kicking around the ole football

The Beatles are Back!

Rick had a happy birthday!

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Happy Crimble!

These are two original John Lennon designed Christmas Cards from 1965-1966 that I added to my Beatles collection in 2017

I wanted to take a little time to wish all of you from around the world that come here to Meet the Beatles..for Real a very happy Christmas!      I have been so blessed by this site and it brings me so much joy.   I just hope that a small part of that joy has been extended to those of you that come here. 

It has been such a blessing for me to meet so many of you at Beatle conventions, my travels and other events.  It still shocks me that people from all around the globe come to this site that me -- this obese middle-age teacher at her little house in Southern Illinois works on.    It is very humbling and I am so honored that you choose to spend a little part of your day or week with me.

All of this brings me back to the reason why we are here:  The Beatles.    The Beatles have given us many gifts over the past 55 years.   Obviously the gift of music is a huge part of that gift.   But they have also given us the gift of friendship.    When those four boys in Liverpool were singing in the Cavern Club, they would have had no idea that the friendship they had with each other would allow so many people from all over the place to become friends.    Take a moment and think about the friends you have that you would not have otherwise if it weren't for the Beatles.      And take a moment and think about the experiences you have had with those people that you wouldn't have had if it weren't for the Beatles.    That special concert, trip to England, a fun time at a convention ... and I am sure the list goes on. 

As fans of John, Paul, George and Ringo we are already all friends.    We have something special in common.  We believe that "All you Need is Love."    We know if you are talking about "Paul" who exactly you are talking about.    We can quote A Hard Day's Night word for word and still laugh at the jokes.   I guess you could say that us Beatle fans all live in a Yellow Submarine, but we have room for more inside.   

This Christmas I want to thank you all for your gift of friendship that you have given me through Meet the Beatles...for Real.    God bless you all.

Sara S.

P.S.  I will be taking just a few days off from the blog for the holiday.   Don't be alarmed. 

War is Over (If you want it)

For the past 9 Christmases I have been spreading John and Yoko's timeless message of "War is Over (If you Want it)."    I have shared that to spread peace, we need to start within ourselves and our own lives.      It isn't an easy thing to do.    It is easier to hold a grudge than to forgive that family member, co-worker or former friend that did us wrong than to forgive them.   I believe it is better not just for yourself but for society as a whole to forgive.       As most of you know, I am a teacher and the one thing I have seen more and more of in  the students that I teach is a lot of built up anger.    I am not sure why they are so angry, but I know it isn't healthy for a 10 year old to have so much anger in his heart -- but it is the same with all of us.    If we could be a little more forgiving and a little more loving towards everyone, we could make a major change in the world.

What did John Lennon himself have to say about this campaign?

When we stick posters around saying, “WAR IS OVER (If You Want It)”, what we’re trying to promote is an awareness in people of how much power they have, and not to rely on the government, or leaders, or teachers so much that they’re all passive or automatons. They have to have new hope. Everybody’s looking for goals and answers; the youth especially. What we’re trying to tell them is that “You are the goal. Nobody on earth can do it for you. Whatever it is you want, you must do it yourself.”
John Lennon, 1969

I actually really like that, because I feel like John is agreeing with me on this topic.   You have to be the one that starts and be the catalyst  for peace.  No one will do it for you.     

I hope all of you hold onto these words as we head into 2018.

The Paul SNL Christmas tradition

Holidays with the Boys

Four St. Nicks and uuuuh Linda?

These photo make me laugh.   There are other photos from this series and all of the Wings circa 1979 members are wearing Santa outfits and there are decorations behind them.    In these frames, Linda has taken one of the decorations and made it into a dress??   Isn't that a plastic door decoration of Santa?   And is that a wreath I see around her neck?    Linda always marched to her own drum -- -and I always admired her for it.