Friday, December 29, 2017

Beatles Glasses

This story comes from Beatle fan and collector, Steve Brodwolf, who posted this story on the Beatles Collector's Facebook page and gave me permission to share it here. 

I met Ringo in 1989. A travel agent friend alerted me that Ringo was flying into Chicago and I went to the airport to say "Hi." Another friend made these wacky Ringo/Beatles glasses and I gave them to Ringo. (the shot of me was taken earlier in the day, knowing I was going to give them to Ringo) He immediately put them on and asked me to take his picture. He signed several items for me and he never removed the glasses. He loved them. The next night, I went to the show and gave a copy of the shot to one of Ringo's stage crew. He took it back to Ringo. A few minutes later the stage guy called me to the edge of the stage. Ringo sent the picture back to me. Signed and personalized with a small Ringo work of art. ...He was totally cool.  - One odd thing about our meeting. It wasn't until I got the photo back that I noticed that on the day we met...we were both wearing the same shirt!

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