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My Day with Paul Mccartney

I am surprised that I didn't find this page earlier in my hunt for all things about people meeting the Beatles. I love how adorable little James McCartney looks in the photos.

Written by Corey Levitan
Paul McCartney and I were pals. For 10 minutes in 1984.

I was 19 and, shall we say, not a winner in the game of life. (Observe the mullet haircut and Just Shirts outfit from the mall. Even McCartney, who rocked a mullet for 10 years, knew enough to ditch it by 1984.)

It was my first trip to England and my sightseeing priorities were straight. Stonehenge, schmonehenge. I needed to cross Abbey Road, like the album cover. I was a Beatles nut.

">Please click here to read the entire story. It is very well written and well worth your time to read.

Smiling John

Got this today off ebay. I love the smiles I see on John and Yoko's faces.

My Groovy Visit with George Harrison

Here is another article about meeting a Beatle (George this time around) that was published in one of the Teen magazines in the late 1960's.

My Groovy Visit with George Harrison
by Rodney Bingenheimer

Would you believe George Harrison standing in his underwear in a store window facing onto one of Hollywood's busiest streets? Would you believe George Harrison getting an Orange Julius at a sidewalk stand? Would you believe George Harrison trying to work the jukebox in a Hollywood coffee shop and finding out he didn't know how? It all happened and it happened on the most normal day in the life of George Harrison since he became a Beatle. It happened in Hollywood in August and it happened with me. and because of what happened on that day, George is in England right now telling the other Beatles to "come to Hollywood, it's the only place to be."

I met George over a year ago at the Beatle concert in Los Angeles but I didn't see him again until this August when he flew over to see Ravi Shankar's concert at the Hollywood Bowl. I don't know if you know it or not, but George has studied the sitar, an Indian instrument, for some time now with Ravi Shankar, his teacher. They lived together in India last year when George devoted all his time to Indian music. This year Pandaji (as Ravi Shankar's students call him) moved to Hollywood to start his Kinnara School of Music.

The Kinnara School held a special press conference in honor of George right after he arrived. After the conference George and I got to talking and he asked me, "Do you know where I can get some groovy things?" I sure did, and the next day we were off visiting all the groovy stores in the Hollywood area.

We went to Fred Segal's Men's Shop first. George liked just about everything there and by the time we got out of the door, he'd bought about two hundred dollars worth of weird sunglasses, paisley pants and other things. I bought him the glasses you see him trying on in the picture. They're made out of bicycle reflectors and when you look through them they seem like little bits of all sorts of colors all mixed up, like a kaleidoscope.

We were a little hungry after that so we stopped next door in Broiler Heaven. George won't eat meat because of his religion so he ordered a cheese sandwich. then he asked me what a chocolate malt was before he decided to order one; he'd never had one before. They served potato salad along with the sandwich and he didn't know what to do with it -- he'd never eaten potato salad before either! He piled it on top of his sandwich an date it that way. I'm going to try that sometime because he really seemed to like it, even after I explained how you really eat it.

He tried to play the jukebox and found out he didn't know how. He wanted to hear "Light my Fire" and "San Francisco nights" so I showed him how to operate it and gave him a little lesson in American small change at the same time.

It's really funny. He'd been in the United States many times before but always after he'd become a Beatle. Well, when you're a Beatle things are always already done for you. and you don't have to do anything at all . Whatever you need just mysteriously appears. On this trip, George discovered that he didn't know anything at all about America, really. He didn't know American food, money or amusements, you name it. It was just like his very first trip to some foreign land and he had to learn everything for the first time. He didn't know how to order in a restaurant or how much money anything cost (he ran out of American money early in the day and had to persuade the shop owners to accept British currency) or anything. It was really funny because he'd been here so many times before.

After we ate we started on our shopping tour again, driving down Santa Monica Boulevard in a bronze Monza. If you were driving in Hollywood in August and you thought you saw George Harrison in a four-door Monza with a Monterey Pop Festival sticker on the bumper you were right. It really was him.

As we were driving to the next shop, George talked about how odd everything was. People recognized him but he didn't get mobbed. He kept saying over and over again how great the people were because they realized that he wanted a little time to be a normal person and do normal things. Whenever someone did come up, they were very polite but most of the time when people recognized him they just waved or smiled to say "hi." and then they went on about their business. He kept saying that he was going to tell Paul, John and Ringo to come to Hollywood because they could really have a good time here.

We went to Headquarters and George went totally ape in the black light room. Black light is actually a purplish sort of light that makes things glow like they're electric if they've been painted with special paint. George bought every black like poster the man had in stock and some black lights to go with them. he got around thirty soakers and a psychedelic Beatle poster. He tried to buy the Superman suit hanging on the wall for John but the shopowner wouldn't sell it.

George wanted to walk to Sat Purush, an Indian shop on West End Boulevard, It was the first chance he'd gotten in all these years to just walk on an American street. That's pretty funny, isn't it, when he'd been over here so often? Well, walk we did, and everyone was great. They just smiled and waved and nobody tried to mob him. George really liked everyone because they were so nice to him.

George started trying on just about everything in Sat Purush. He was running all around the store in his underwear -- he even went into the window display in his underwear to try on shoes! It was pretty funny!

There were some people sitting on the sidewalk right outside Sat Purush and George went out and sat with them for a little while, right on the street. All of them were talking and there were other people walking around them -- some of them recognized George and some didn't but everyone was real cool about the whole thing.

We stopped at a sidewalk stand to get George's first Orange Julius and he liked it a lot. Then we went on to Siderial Time, a store on Santa Monica boulevard with possibly the grooviest clothes in town. George wanted just about everything in the store but finally settled on some special ribbon shirts just like the ones that Larry, the owner, designed especially for the Lewis and Clarke Expedition. He really loved them.

then we went over to my house where we talked for a little while. He invited me to come to San Francisco with him but I couldn't go. He promised to come back soon so we could do some ore exploring together. Just think, we have all the rest of California to go yet!

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A dog with john and Yoko

Hello Race fans

George at the 1977 race at Long Beach (or at least I THINK that is what this one is...the hair looks right)

Beatles and a kid

For some reason photographs of the Beatles and a young child make me go "ahhhhh!!!" I just can't help but wonder if the kid realizes how awesome he is for sitting on the Beatles' laps!! I have no idea actually who this particular child is. If I had to guess, I would think it was a child of someone involved with the movie, Help! Did Dick Lester have a young son? I seem to recall seeing photos during the making of a Hard Day's night where the Beatles are with a little boy...

Paul in 1994

I found this beautiful Paul photo on this Flickr photostream. The one of Paul and Linda has alrady been posted on this blog (and is included even on the blog header!) but I thought I would post it again in context. Here is what the photographer said about the photos...

Went to Somerset in 1994 to visit my friend Georgie Fame. When I arrived he told me that Paul and Linda were on the way over with their family.
I did'nt pick up on the fact that it was the McCartney's. An hour later they arrived with the whole family and some American friends.
What a weekend that was!!

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I found this article and I thought it was interesting to think of fans hanging around the Ashram in India while the Beatles were there. Obviously the person who wrote this article has the year wrong and the photo I am posting does not directly go with the story, but I recently obtained this photo and though it was a good opportunity to post it!

Going way back.

As my father was a Canadian diplomat, I had the good fortune to spend much of my youth abroad.

I was about 16, it was the summer of love, 1967. The Beatles had just released Sargeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts’ Club Band. India and the Mahareeshi Mahesh Yogi were all the rage.

I was heading back to my school in India, my father having been cross-posted from the Canadian embassy in New Delhi, India to the same job in Nairobi, Kenya.

On the plane from Bombay to New Delhi was a young American. He was Mia Farrow’s son, Mia having gone off to meditate with the Mahareeshi not too far from where my school was.

Sure enough, there was Mia at the airport, not recognized, waiting for him.

I was waiting for an embassy car to pick me up, Mia’s son came by.

“You’ll never guess who just arrived,” he said breathlessly. “The Beatles!!!”

Completely top-secret, the Beatles too had decided to come to India to sit at the feet of the Mahareeshi. On this flight were John Lennon and George Harrison.

John Lennon walked out, looking exactly like his photos from the Sargeant Pepper album, wearing a big pink button with nothing printed on it.

I was about five metres away. “Hello John!” He utterly ignored me.

A few minutes later along came George, close enough to touch.

“Hello George,” I said. He gave a cheerful wave, said ” ‘Allo mate,” then off he went.

My best friend and I took a train to the Mahareeshi’s ashram, given it was not far from our school.

As we walked around the corner to the encampment, we were hit by a flood of camera flashes.

The world media was camped outside the ashram. But they had no access and were desperate for stories. Two pimply-faced white teens with long-hair and Indian style clothing were a story.

We too weren’t allowed in, but were allowed to hang around with the media.

We didn’t see the Beatles again. But the Mahareeshi held a press conference.

A picture of the Maraheeshi sitting cross-legged was shot from behind us.

With the back of our heads framing the guru, the photo went world-wide with the caption “American hippies listen to the Mahareeshi.”

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Coming out

While searching the internet for information to share with you all for this blog, I often find interesting things that I didn't even know.

In 1976, Ringo played drums on the Manhattan Transfer's album called "Coming out." The song he plays on is called "Zindy Lou"and it was first released in 1955 by the Chimes (I would guess that Ringo heard this version at the time).

I located these photos of Ringo with the band recording the song and working on it in the studio. I had never seen these before and so I thought I would share them. Ringo's "fake tux" shirt always makes me laugh.

Another one of Paul in the jacket!

Bless you Gina for all of the wonderful scans you have provided this blog over the past many months. Last night I stated that I had never seen Paul in the white pin-striped jacket that he was wearing in the fan photo with Ringo. Lizzie commented that she remembers him wearing it, but there might not be any other photos of him in it. Well.....dear Gina was sweet enough to send me another photo of Paul wearing the same jacket. I have no idea why I have this strange interest in the Beatles jackets. Mostly because I think the fashions of the 1960's is amazing, and I think all of the various jackets they wore are so much neater than clothing men wear today.. Thanks again to Gina and to Lizzie!

Bel-Air meeting

One way several young people were able to meet the boys was at the Garden Party the Beatles held for a charity while they were in Los Angeles in 1964. The Beatles sat on stools and shook hands with the children of the rich and famous in L.A. Andy Gold (a singer in the 1970's) was one of those kids.

The Beatles story. 1964. My Dad is a Film Composer and My Mother is a singer for the movies. So, my Dad knows I'm a Beatlefan, to say the least, and hears thru the showbiz grapevine that The Beatles will appear at the head of Capitol Records house one Sunday to shake hands and greet people, at $75 a pop for charity. I immediately tell him and my Mom it's curtains for them if we don't get to go! (Me and my sister, Martha...Melani was only 2) So... It's a house in Bel Air....we go there and park and walk in the ivy gates of a huge is UNBELIEVABLE..hundreds of screaming fans all around the house....Anyway, lots of Celeb Kids and reporters and whatnot..Dave Hull from KRLA....(The Ol' Hullabalooer, remember all you El Aliens?)....and everyone figures they're comin in the front entrance in about 10 minutes...I am hangin back..I overhear 2 police talking: "Everything ready at the back gate?"..."Yeah"...

Ok I'm no dummy. I go and sit right near the relatively person-less back gate. SUDDENLY the gate explodes open and in striding so cool...The %#!* Beatles! I'm like going....Oh..hi...John..Hi..Paul...They're kind of thumbs up, nodding walking to their posts on 4 stools for and hour and a half of people walkin past them, each getting a photo (bless the cameraman!) and shaking their hands...and/or..just plain shaking. The Beatles are acting particularly Beatle-like today...with Paul jumping up suddenly and starting to shake the others hands...that sort of thing...very funny...Brian Epstein, Mal Evans, Neil Aspinal...they're all there..with the same sunglasses...The Beatles look so very cool. I remember noticing how dark Pauls hair was, especially on his face, well shaven, of course..but the 5 0'clock shadow is there..but God he is so cute even I, a red blodded hetro male want to faint...And the other thing I remember was how RED Johns hair was in real life. VERY Auburn. Very few photos capture this, but I've seen a few. He had sunglasses.

Anyway, it's my turn and I'm like jelly. Paul's first. I walk up to him..and shake his hand and mutter (because of nervousness, I mutter too low for the human ear): "Hi, I'm Andy Gold."..Paul goes "Huh?" I try again "Hi, I'm Andy Gold."..He still can't hear and leans way in (John is now kinda cracking up at this)..I "Sorry, What?" I muster all my courage. "I'm ANDY GOLD." Paul kind of looks like...BFD! and goes "Hm! really" (I'm guessing he still didn't hear me)...smiles and I move on..feeling like a total idiot.. But it was a wonderful day. The picture is during mid-McCartney can see me totally petrified..slack jawed....what a day.

Two Old Friends

Another Story taken from the Winter 1983/84 issue of The Write Thing about Meeting Paul and Ringo. This one was written by Kathy Jones of West Seneca, New York.

If anyone had told me a year and half ago that I would be writing a story about meeting Paul McCartney, I would never have believed it. At that time I was what I referred to as a "closet fan". I had been a Beatle fan and a McCartney fan since 1964. With the passage of many years there had been fewer and fewer people with whom to share my interest. By 1974 there was no one. So I retreated into the "closet" to pursue my interest in the Beatles, particularly Paul. When you have no contact with other fans you miss a lot. I wasn't sure how to contact other fans, then I read an article in the local paper about a local couple who were fans, the article mentioned fan clubs and conventions. When I finally contacted them I also got other addresses. Within a few months I had attended my first Beatlefest and was subscribing to two newsletters. I even found the address of a local person in the pen-pal listings. There was actually another Beatles (and Paul) fan in Buffalo! I contacted her and we became friends. What amazed me most was that so many people were meeting Paul. It didn't seem possible that it could happen to me though. Nevertheless, I was determined to go to England in 1983 and at least see Liverpool. My new found friend, Pat, had already met Paul. She was considering going to England again. We began to make plans together.

Friday, September 23, 1983, found us in London. We saw Paul 6 1/2 hours after stepping off the plane. As it turned out we almost didn't get to see him. HE came out the back door and we were waiting at the front. Then I noticed other people standing at the corner, and thought to myself, "we've got to get down there." First we walked, then we ran. I never ran around a corner so fast in my life, I was sure we had ;missed him and would see him ride away if we saw him at all. As we stopped suddenly, we realized that"the Man" was standing there. And, as I found out that day, "there's such a man." See him, really seeing him in the light of day, after so many years was totally overwhelming. He looked somewhat different than I expected. But I think that's possible when you see someone for the first time, after only having seen them in pictures and on film. Plus there was the shock of actually seeing him. When he smiled, he didn't seem different at all. He was leaving, and this might be our only chance. so I found my voice and asked if he would Be back next week. We thought he said yes, but no one was sure. I was sure that those eyes looked at me when I asked him. Then he walked away. I couldn't seem to raise my camera to my face. I just stood there. Paul turned around and waved before continuing on his way. I told myself, that if nothing else, at least I had seen him. Finally.

On Monday, September 26, we waited for him again. Pat saw his car go around the corner. and then, all of a sudden, there he was, standing there, grinning at us. It amazed me how easy it was just to go up to him and give him the gifts I was holding. One was a plaque called "An Admirable Man" and the other was a certificate for "Number one." When I gave Paul these gifts, he said, "For me? Than you very much." I asked him to please look at the one with the certificate, I added "it has your name on it." "Yeah, I 'll look at them all." It seemed like he responded to each individual even though everyone was saying something at the same time. Pat asked if we could have a picture with him and I asked if I could get an autograph. I told him I never had one before. He said something about "going over here" (near the door). I was so afraid he would slip away before I accomplished everything I had waited for all these years. But I think I underestimated him because it seems as though he had every intention of giving us everything we asked for. He seemed to have a calming effect on me. '

i had been more nervous waiting for him. Standing there next to him while our picture was being taken, I felt as though "I was standing beside an old friend. I don't actually remember handing him the pen for the picture sleeve. I do remember watching him write. At one point he said, "you must think I'm famous." It seemed like he was trying to explain in a modest way all the attention he was receiving. I had completely forgotten about the camera in my hand, but I had the autograph and I had given him the gifts and best of all, I had stood there beside him for that all too brief moment. I will treasure that moment forever.

We waited for Paul again on Thursday September 29, for what turned out to be the last time. The only thing I wanted now was to let him know how much I appreciated everything. He came down the street, and when the opportunity presented itself, I said to him, "I just wanted to thank you for being so nice to us." "Oh you're welcome." But, like the "thank you" of a few days before, this simple statement was said in a special way. I said, "Well, we really appreciate it." I patted him on the arm before I realized what I was doing. It seemed so natural to do that, like he was an old friend. One of the people waiting that day was a girl who had never met Paul before, and she was becoming increasingly excited. "she's overcome" was how Paul put it as he signed another autograph. She didn't have anything for him to sign, so I gave her an envelope I had. The only room was on the back, so when Paul wrote his name it was probably difficult for him because of the uneven surface. He said, "Let me do it again, it went across the envelope." When he had finished, he said, "Two for the price of one. That'll be two and six, please." The girl who had the autograph was really crying by this time.

I'll never forget the courtesy, friendliness, and consideration he showed toward all of us. I expected to come away from this encounter impressed by his good looks and charm, and I was so expecting to be impressed just by seeing him and being in his presence. but what ended up impressing me the most, was that he turned out to be such a wonderful human being. He is truly the "Admirable Man" referred to in the plaque I gave him.

This was supposed to be the end of the story, bu two month later (November 26, 1983) in another city miles and miles form London, Pat, her pen pal Laurie and I found ourselves waiting once again. This time we were in Los Angeles waiting for Ringo. We had gone to LA. to attend Beatlefest, see some sights and if we were really lucky, to see Ringo. For months we had been listening to the Yellow Submarine show, and looked forward to that final show which was to be a live call-in from L.A.'s KLOS station. We rode by the station and saw the ABC sign, and then spotted a limousine in the parking lot. We waited at the edge of the lot. While we were waiting a reporter from the L.A. Times interviewed us about how we happened to be there. Our names appeared in the paper two days later. After talking to us, the reporter got in his car and left. He would have had more of a story if he had waited a bit longer. He missed the best part. When Ringo did come out after about a half hour we hurried over to him. I had the same feeling I'd had with Paul, that he would slip away. Suddenly there seemed to be a lot more people around. Ringo began signing autographs. At one point I began to hand my program to him to sign and he took someone else's. When he did sign for me I thanked him and stood back. Unlike two months ago with Paul, I remembered my camera and took pictures. It occurred to me to have someone take a picture of me with Ringo. I stood next to him and Pat took the picture. Afterward "I turned to Ringo and said, "thank you." He responded with "Thank You!" The way he said that and the way he smiled was priceless. I'll never forget it. I almost put my arm around him. Like Paul, he seemed like an old friend. Meeting these two old-friends two months apart after all these years was the most overwhelming, incredible and memorable experience of my life.

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John 1976

A reader is wanting to track down the person who originally took this photo (and other ones like it) to purchase a copy from the negative from him. I believe at least some of the photos were taken by Harold Montgomery. The person who contacted me has purchased the car John is riding in and would like to have photos of John in the car. If you can help track down the photorapher, then please "send me a postcard/ drop me a line" (okay an email will work)

Band on the run

This is a good photo of Paul during the Beatles touring days (Gina's scan.) Check out the girl screaming! Great snapshot!

Driving away

I am not sure if I have ever posted this photo before, but if I had, the photo did not show the fans standing in the background. They sure look happy! But then they obviously just met Paul McCartney and Martha the Sheepdog!

One of my favorites

Here is one of my all time favorite Beatles fan photos (and shockingly enough it doesn't even have John in it!). I like it so much that before the banner was made for this blog, I used it as the "Header photo" for awhile. Much to my happiness....Gina posted it on ebay in a much larger version. I think this is the only time I saw Paul wearing this particular jacket.

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Press honeymoon photo

I tell you...these Honeymoon photos of Paul and Linda are just popping up everywhere! Here is one that the press released. I like it.

George for Halloween

I know I am a few months behind for posting a Halloween photo, but how cute is this??? Halloween of 1965 and this youngster is dressed as George Harrison!! So cute! So funny! So wonderful!

Cannes 1970

Here is a photo that a I found online that a fan snapped of Ringo in the crowd at the Cannes Film Festival in 1970. They lucked out for sure!

The mystery is solved

Last night I posted what I thought was an Apple Scruffs' stationary sheet with 3 Savile Row on the front. Well many of you posted in the comments about how it wasn't totally authentic because the photo of the building was too old etc etc. One of the many friends of this blog, Guus, emailed me and told me that photo of 3 Savile Row was HIS photo! He has no idea how it ever got connected to the Apple Scruffs because he took the photo in 1976. As a matter of fact, that is his car that is parked right out front. At the time of the photo, Apple still owned the building, but later that year it was sold. So at least now we know who took the photograph!

Deported Beatles fans

Beatle fans have been coming from around the world to London to try to see one or more of the Fab 4 ever since 1963-64. Here is a photo I found on ebay of some girls from Cleveland, Ohio who traveled "across the pond" to London to try to see the band in October 1964. This wasn't a bad time to come to England because the guys were tour the U.K. then as well as working on their "Beatles for Sale" album. But something went wrong during these "crazed-fans" visit to London and the police had them immediately return to the United States. I can't help but wonder what these girls did to get them kicked out. Did they even get to meet one of the Beatles before they were deported?
Edit: I just found an old newspaper article about these girls. It appears that this is a "she is leaving home" story as the girls ran away from home with $2,000 in their pockets to get to England without telling their familes. The folks were worried sick and they were finally caught after 3 weeks of English fun and sent back home. Glad to know they weren't deported for something they did while in England.

Encounter with Paul McCartney

This story was originally published in issue #42 (Winter 1984 issue) of The Write Thing magazine. It was written by Bonnie Skaggs of Sunnyvale, California.

Meeting the Man (no average person)

It was August 31 (1983), and Barb Beden and I had just returned to London from Liverpool on the train. It was about 3:30pm when we arrived at the hotel, where we quickly changed and freshened up, an d"grabbed the bus in seconds flat" and arrived at Air Studios at 4:30pm.

We really didn't have much hope of seeing Paul since it was late in the afternoon, and there were no other fans around. For some reason, we decided to walk to the corner. There were many people on the street, and we were watching the front door to the office building where it is located, when suddenly we saw the back of Paul's head bobbing up and down in front of us. (If we had looked to the right, we would have seen him walked up the side street coming toward us). We called his name a couple of times, and he finally turned around to see us, then we ran up to him, one of us on each side of him, and walked with him to the door. As we got to the door, Barb said, "Can I take you pictures with her?" Paul said, "sure" and came around to stand by me, and as he did he noticed my shirt, which said 'County of Merseyside' on the front. (I was really glad I had it on at that point). Paul said, "Merseyside" and I said, "Yeah we just got back from the MBC; it was fun!" He said, "Was it?" To which I replied "Yes." We were waiting for Barb to take the picture (she was having trouble getting it to meter and was hitting the camera saying, "I can't get it to meter (panic)"." Then Paul said, "Mersey Beatle....?" And I said, 'Convention," He immediately responded by saying "Oh, MBC!" (ha ha really funny guy). Barb took the picture and Paul said, "Got to go. I'm in a hurry," and he went inside. I was standing there wondering what I had said? MBC?? Oh, yes, if the pictures looks like we are touching arms, we are! I remember thinking "Oh he's touching my arm!" After Paul had gone inside, Barb and I were so excited we were jumping up and down. I looked the building and the guard game me the thumbs up sign. We ran down to 1-hour photo and dropped off the roll of film. We were both very glad to see the picture come out perfect! We ended up seeing Paul 7 times altogether. We also saw Linda and George Martin a couple of times, so we really felt very lucky on our first trip to England. Paul was always so nice every time we saw him, even when he was really in a hurry, he always said something before going inside or leaving. We have many wonderful memories that will last forever.

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Apple Scruffs stationary

As I learn more about the official Apple Scruffs I am learning just how much they had their act together. They weren't just some girls that hung around the Beatles. Nope nope nope. They weren't "groupies" (never thought they were in the first place, but so many articles label them as such). They were an organized group. They had a magazine, membership cards and see here from a photo that I took directly from the Kenwood blog, their own stationary. I am impressed!


George in '66

Another reason why 1966 is my favorite Beatle year. George is lookin' gooooood!

More of Round Hill

There was such a nice response from the photo I posted last week of Ringo's home in London called "Round Hill" that I decided to post the other photo I have of this home. This is taken from Carolyn Mitchell's book All Our Loving. I would guess that the girl in the photo is Carolyn herself.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Artist meets Ringo!

I found a neat story here about a woman that makes 3D bull sculptures and ended up catching Ringo's attention. So she made a special piece of art for Ringo and was able to present it to me. I love how Barbra is in the background!

Cavendish crowds

More McCartney Honeymoon photos

These fan photos from Paul and Linda's honeymoon in New York have been popping up a lot lately. Here are a couple more thanks to Gina!

Monday, January 17, 2011

What happens in Vegas...

Another shot from the Beatles photo shoot in Vegas in 1964. It has always been thought that the Beatles did not hold a press conference in Las Vegas. However, I believe that a photo shoot between the afternoon and evening shows occured that turned into a press conference of sorts.


I think this photo is totally sweet and it reminds me that Paul and Ringo have been friends for a long time. And yet it sort of makes me sad because it is a little reminder that these are the only two Beatles we have left with us....

The Joker Jacket makes a come-back!

It seems like FOREVER since I have posted a photo of Paul wearing the "joker jacket" But here is a photo of him wearing that very jacket during he and John's trip to New York city in May 1968 to promote Apple.

Remembering Harry

January 15 marked 17 years since Harry Nilsson left this world. Regular visitors of this blog know that I am fan of Harry's work. One think to admire about Harry Nilsson was that after John Lennon's murder he was very depressed and distraught, just as many people were. He took the anger and helplessness that he felt into action and for the rest of Harry's life he worked to change gun laws in the U.S. The fan photo I posted show Harry selling kisses to raise money for the Colaltion to Stop gun violence.

Round Hill

This was Ringo's home from late 1969 until he and Maureen split up in the 1970's. I have never seen a fan photo of this house before.

New favorite

I scanned this out of an issue of "The Write Thing." It is my current favorite John photo. He is wearing my favorite jacket while standing outside Cavendish in 1967. Perfection! Just wish there wasn't that crease in the photo!

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Photo taken by Larry Soupove. Anyone have any other information about this photo?

My Beatle Dream Came True

I found another article Pattie Emerson wrote about her 1967 visit to London where she met Paul and George. I have always loved Pattie's photos, especially the ones from Kinfauns and meeting George. I have scanned the photos from the first article I posted about her visit (see archives for that one) because I had bad scans and these are much better. So I am including ones from this article as well as the one I have previously submitted. Enjoy!

My Beatle Dream Came True
By Pattie Emerson, 14, McKinley Junior H.S. Flint Michigan

(Ed Note: On holiday in England, lucky Pattie Emerson, 14, visited the homes of the Beatles, met two of their wives, Jane Asher, and got ot talk to Paul and George at length.)

When I went to England this summer, I 'd hoped ot just see one of the Beatles. I was really surprised to actually met two the, their wives, and Jane Asher.

After being in London a few days, my friend Joyce Kulhawick and I went to Paul's house. We expected a mob, but only one girl was there - Betts Logan, who lives in New York. She said Mrs. Mills (Paul's housekeeper) said Paul would arrive back form Scotland that afternoon. A man drove by and said Paul was on the corner getting a haircut. Another said he was at the pub, and still another said he was at the beach. This guy gets around!

Betts and I came back the next day, July 15, 1967, and met Wendy Joyce, who lives in London, goes to Paul's every day (except Thursdays), and has met Paul so many times that she sells his autographs! She's really great.

We waited all day while such people as Mike McGear (really McCartney), Paul's brother drove out. People just drive in and out of Paul's like it was a hotel. When we took "Mike's picture he said, "you have the wrong one." It was kinda pathetic.

At about 5:30, Jane Asher, and Martha (Paul's huge sheepdog) were driving to the park by Mr. Harris (Paul's temporary employee) in Paul's green Aston Martin. Shortly before 6:00 Jane and Martha walked back, and we talked to her. Jane looked like you'd expect Paul's girl to look -- very feminine, in a green flared skirt, flowery Victorian high collar blouse. Her half-way to the waist fiery hair was done in a braid on her head.

I told Jane I was from America and that I'd seen her in "Juliet" and asked her if she could please bring Paul out. She said she would, but I was doubtful. Certainly the great McCartney wouldn't come out for a mere fan!

About five minutes after Jane went in, we heard a noise behind the gate. Hopefully I got my camera ready. Sure enough, it was Paul! He said, "Hello, girls." and asked what part of America we were from. Someone said she liked his brother, Mike, and Paul said, "Ah, It's the comedian again!" He has a real deep voice, and muscular arms (he wears two watches), and every time he blinked his eyes I thought he'd take off, his eyelashes were so long!

I was a lot more calm than I thought I could be. I told him I loved Sgt. Pepper, and he thanked me. He was very nice. One of the nicest people I've ever met.

A week later Betts and I were back at Paul's. Mr. McC wasn't in. He'd left for Athens that morning with John and his family. We met two girls who'd been with us meeting Paul, and we walked Martha to the park (Regents Park) with Paul's cousin from Liverpool, John McCartney. He was staying at Paul's with Paul's father, step-mother, and step-sister Ruth. He was really nice and we had a of time to ask him questions about Paul.

When I met Ruth, (who is seven and isn't' all that thrilled about having a famous bother), she said "You know, he's just a boy." She was hobbling around on a broken leg at the time. P.S. Paul, John was wearing your jacket!

On July 26, we drove to Esher but George as still in Greece. At Weybridge, John wasn't home either, and no one was there. We walked all over the place, taking pictures off balconies, and enjoying the lovely Lennon scenery, the pool, the gypsy caravan (given to Julian for his fourth birthday), statues, and a brightly-colored wheelchair in the back! My dad drove right up into John's garage, and turned around.

On to Ringo's (Sunny Heights). At Ringo's I felt very bold and knocked twice on the door. Maureen answered. I didn't recognize her at first, with the blonde hair, and asked "Is Mr. or Mrs. Starkey in?" After making a complete fool of myself, I gave her the scarf I had knitted for the new baby. We talked awhile, then I left to take pictures of the place. As I was leaving I saw Ringo, Zak and some other unknown person eating lunch in the kitchen. I didn't have the courage to wave.

There are all sorts of things written all over all of the Beatles' gates like "Ringo for Prime Minister" and "John is sexy." It's really funny!