Monday, January 17, 2011

Remembering Harry

January 15 marked 17 years since Harry Nilsson left this world. Regular visitors of this blog know that I am fan of Harry's work. One think to admire about Harry Nilsson was that after John Lennon's murder he was very depressed and distraught, just as many people were. He took the anger and helplessness that he felt into action and for the rest of Harry's life he worked to change gun laws in the U.S. The fan photo I posted show Harry selling kisses to raise money for the Colaltion to Stop gun violence.


  1. Harry was a weird and wonderful man, and he had an amazing voice. A great talent and a loving friend. RIP, Harry.

  2. it's cool to see this picture. very poignant

  3. Ah, love this photo. This was from Beatlefest Chicago, can't remember the year. That's Chris on the left - drummer of a great Beatles tribute band - and my friend Bob right next to Harry. Bob and I were asked to help keep track of Harry all weekend, which mostly meant sitting next to him at this table and hanging out. A great memory. He couldn't have been nicer to both of us.