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My Beatle Dream Came True

I found another article Pattie Emerson wrote about her 1967 visit to London where she met Paul and George. I have always loved Pattie's photos, especially the ones from Kinfauns and meeting George. I have scanned the photos from the first article I posted about her visit (see archives for that one) because I had bad scans and these are much better. So I am including ones from this article as well as the one I have previously submitted. Enjoy!

My Beatle Dream Came True
By Pattie Emerson, 14, McKinley Junior H.S. Flint Michigan

(Ed Note: On holiday in England, lucky Pattie Emerson, 14, visited the homes of the Beatles, met two of their wives, Jane Asher, and got ot talk to Paul and George at length.)

When I went to England this summer, I 'd hoped ot just see one of the Beatles. I was really surprised to actually met two the, their wives, and Jane Asher.

After being in London a few days, my friend Joyce Kulhawick and I went to Paul's house. We expected a mob, but only one girl was there - Betts Logan, who lives in New York. She said Mrs. Mills (Paul's housekeeper) said Paul would arrive back form Scotland that afternoon. A man drove by and said Paul was on the corner getting a haircut. Another said he was at the pub, and still another said he was at the beach. This guy gets around!

Betts and I came back the next day, July 15, 1967, and met Wendy Joyce, who lives in London, goes to Paul's every day (except Thursdays), and has met Paul so many times that she sells his autographs! She's really great.

We waited all day while such people as Mike McGear (really McCartney), Paul's brother drove out. People just drive in and out of Paul's like it was a hotel. When we took "Mike's picture he said, "you have the wrong one." It was kinda pathetic.

At about 5:30, Jane Asher, and Martha (Paul's huge sheepdog) were driving to the park by Mr. Harris (Paul's temporary employee) in Paul's green Aston Martin. Shortly before 6:00 Jane and Martha walked back, and we talked to her. Jane looked like you'd expect Paul's girl to look -- very feminine, in a green flared skirt, flowery Victorian high collar blouse. Her half-way to the waist fiery hair was done in a braid on her head.

I told Jane I was from America and that I'd seen her in "Juliet" and asked her if she could please bring Paul out. She said she would, but I was doubtful. Certainly the great McCartney wouldn't come out for a mere fan!

About five minutes after Jane went in, we heard a noise behind the gate. Hopefully I got my camera ready. Sure enough, it was Paul! He said, "Hello, girls." and asked what part of America we were from. Someone said she liked his brother, Mike, and Paul said, "Ah, It's the comedian again!" He has a real deep voice, and muscular arms (he wears two watches), and every time he blinked his eyes I thought he'd take off, his eyelashes were so long!

I was a lot more calm than I thought I could be. I told him I loved Sgt. Pepper, and he thanked me. He was very nice. One of the nicest people I've ever met.

A week later Betts and I were back at Paul's. Mr. McC wasn't in. He'd left for Athens that morning with John and his family. We met two girls who'd been with us meeting Paul, and we walked Martha to the park (Regents Park) with Paul's cousin from Liverpool, John McCartney. He was staying at Paul's with Paul's father, step-mother, and step-sister Ruth. He was really nice and we had a of time to ask him questions about Paul.

When I met Ruth, (who is seven and isn't' all that thrilled about having a famous bother), she said "You know, he's just a boy." She was hobbling around on a broken leg at the time. P.S. Paul, John was wearing your jacket!

On July 26, we drove to Esher but George as still in Greece. At Weybridge, John wasn't home either, and no one was there. We walked all over the place, taking pictures off balconies, and enjoying the lovely Lennon scenery, the pool, the gypsy caravan (given to Julian for his fourth birthday), statues, and a brightly-colored wheelchair in the back! My dad drove right up into John's garage, and turned around.

On to Ringo's (Sunny Heights). At Ringo's I felt very bold and knocked twice on the door. Maureen answered. I didn't recognize her at first, with the blonde hair, and asked "Is Mr. or Mrs. Starkey in?" After making a complete fool of myself, I gave her the scarf I had knitted for the new baby. We talked awhile, then I left to take pictures of the place. As I was leaving I saw Ringo, Zak and some other unknown person eating lunch in the kitchen. I didn't have the courage to wave.

There are all sorts of things written all over all of the Beatles' gates like "Ringo for Prime Minister" and "John is sexy." It's really funny!

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