Monday, January 24, 2011

Deported Beatles fans

Beatle fans have been coming from around the world to London to try to see one or more of the Fab 4 ever since 1963-64. Here is a photo I found on ebay of some girls from Cleveland, Ohio who traveled "across the pond" to London to try to see the band in October 1964. This wasn't a bad time to come to England because the guys were tour the U.K. then as well as working on their "Beatles for Sale" album. But something went wrong during these "crazed-fans" visit to London and the police had them immediately return to the United States. I can't help but wonder what these girls did to get them kicked out. Did they even get to meet one of the Beatles before they were deported?
Edit: I just found an old newspaper article about these girls. It appears that this is a "she is leaving home" story as the girls ran away from home with $2,000 in their pockets to get to England without telling their familes. The folks were worried sick and they were finally caught after 3 weeks of English fun and sent back home. Glad to know they weren't deported for something they did while in England.

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