Friday, July 31, 2009

Paul on a not that one!

Fan of this blog (wow there are fans??? ), Vickie recently sent me these recent photos of Paul on the marquee of the Ed Sullivan theatre for the David Letterman Show. They were taken by her friend, Renata who was lucky enough to see Paul perform AND close enough to take some photos. I really enjoy them. I have seen a dozen or more photos of Paul from this day lately, but these have such a warmer feeling to them.

Be sure to check out Vickie, blog

Paul's blue and white striped shirt

The bottom photo I have already posted in a previous post, but I have now obtained a clearer and larger copy to share. The top photo is new to me and I really enjoy it because it has good old Mal Evans in it!

Ringo and Nancy at Disneyland

I was scanned some photos out of Nancy Andrew's book tonight and just thought this photo was beautiful. It isn't a fan photo, but I just loved it too much not to share it. It is Nancy and Ringo at Disneyland and they had just bought hats at a store on Main Street U.S.A.

John's profile

Sometimes I forget how much I really do enjoy John's 1967 look. He was such a handsome man! I bet even more so in person than in the photos. I need to get to sleep. But I thought some John photos before I go to bed might help me have pleasant dreams. Haha!

Some of George

I have the worst time remembering which photos from my files I have already posted. I am too lazy to go through the entire blog to figure it out. I do not recall posting these, but if I have. I appologize. How do other blogs never repeat photos??

Thursday, July 30, 2009

You Say It's your Birthday, well happy birthday to you!

"You say It's your Birthday, Well Happy Birthday to you."

By Linda Magno, Brooklyn

Photo by Patti Murawski and The Harrison Alliance

Originally published in "The Write Thing" fanzine Aug/Sept 1977

At about 9am on April 30, 1977 my girlfriend, Tess and I decided to go into the city to see yours truly --Paul. When we got to the hotel there were a few people out front with cameras (This is a good sign). At about 1o am men were putting luggage into a limo. One of the girls said it was Paul's. It's amazing how she knew. At that point we got our cameras, paper and pens ready for action.

At approximately 10:45 we saw Stella running around in the lobby of the hotel. We all know who was to follow. Surprisingly enough Linda came out first, in front of Paul. It was shocking that she wasn't hanging on him. Heather, Mary and Stella were with them. As Paul came out there must have been about 7 fans there. He looked directly at me and I took a beautiful picture. After that I went up to him, took his arm and said, "Paul, today is my birthday, and you just made my day." To which he replied, "Well Happy Birthday." I would never dream that Paul McCartney would ever wish me a happy birthday. After he said that I couldn't help but kiss him. He didn't seem to mind. I must admit, I was very nervous (Who wouldn't be?)

He stopped to say hello to a few of the fans and I was taking more pics. As he was walking to the limo I had my hand on his back and I asked him, "Paul, Babe (don't ask me how that came out, but it did), before you get in the limo, can I have your autograph?" He replied, "Hang on a minute, let me just get the kids in the limo." As he put the kids in, I noticed some gray strands of hair on his head (Will you still need me, when I'm 64).

Once the kids were in, he turned to me to get the paper and pen. He looked so beautiful, that I took his arm and said, "Paul, you are beautiful", and he said, "ta." He said it so sexy that I started shaking. I even told him I was shaking, and he looked at me as if to say, what's there to shake about. (Wouldn't he like to know). Anyway, he gave Tess and I his autograph. Linda was also signing autographs, but I wouldn't leave Paul's side.

At one point he stopped signing and said, "Let me get Linda in the limo." This was when I said the dumbest thing. I told Paul, "My name is Linda too." He said, very nicely, "oh really."

It was so strange that he had the whole family in the limo and he came out and gave everyone there his autograph. He was so much nicer than when I saw him a few years ago. It was like someone totally different. I'm glad to say there is an improvement.

Back to my story, Tess decided to kiss Paul, but she was too embarrassed to let him know she was going to kiss him, so she caught him off guard. He was standing there signing autographs, when all of a sudden out of nowhere Tess jumps up to kiss him. He started laughing and told her, "That is all Tom Jones, that kind of stuff." He probably mean that girls kiss Tom Jones off guard. I have a cute picture of him telling Tess that.

As all good things come to a close, it was Paul's turn to get int he limo. He said goodbye and he and Linda were waving out the back as the limo pulled away.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Who is the kid?

I wonder what the story behind these photos is. Who is this little kid? Was he a Beatles fan? Was his mom a Beatles fan? Was he even excited to meet the Beatles? Did his mom make him wear that nerdy outfit? Why are women touching him when the Beatles are right there? Oh the questions....

some semi-pro photos

Here are some group photos that fall into that questionable group for me. Most likely they were taken by some sort of a photographer and not just a fan. But...they still have a bit of a fan look about them to me. What that exactly means, I can't really tell you. But I know what i am talking about.

Some John photos off ebay

Another photo of John signing autographs during that play that I don't know the exact date for...

I always thought John had an interesting hair cut here. I believe this was from New Years' Eve in 1976.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Meeting George

This story was in the August/Sept 1977 issue of "The Write Thing" fanzine and was written by Mitchell Borofsky of Brooklyn, NY.

I know that George was be in for Saturday Night Live, so I went down to NBC on Monday of that week. They told me something would be happening on Thursday. I went down Thursday and waited until 4 in the afternoon, when he showed up. Now, I had never seen George on the street before so I didn't know what to expect. I heard from some people that he had been a bitch in previous years. A photographer told me to go outside and see if a limo had pulled up. Right outside the building was a limo. I heard somebody in it say George, but I took no notice of it. Then a guy standing there with long hair turned around and it was him. I asked him if that was him singing on "I must be in love" by the Rutles, but he said no. I then asked him if he was appearing at some benefit for United Farm Workers, to which he replied, "no but you should go anyway."

I came back at night and was able to get into the studio with my friend Mitchell and club member, Larry Tepper. In the studio George was great. He was kidding around, singing, etc. A sample of his bumour: "Instead of the cameras moving into us why dont' we move into you," or when they were doing "Here comes the sun" for the 10th time he said, "if we do this one more time, it really will come up." Larry asked him to sing "Dark Horse" and he did the complete song for us. Other songs he did that were not shown on TV were "Rock Island Line," bits of "Yesterday", "She said, she said" and "Don't let me wait too long" I saw him downstairs and gave him a Dark Horse t-shirt that my friend Mitch and I made up. He said, "thank you, thank you."

Linked Arms

Here is a short newspaper article about these photos. I think they are most likely press photos, but fans COULD have taken them and fans were this counts. LOL
Beatles back Together? Rare meeting may lead to something big
Paul and Linda McCartney were strolling down New York's Fifth Avenue after dropped their children off at the circus. Coming out of the St. Regis Hotel were Ringo Starr and his girlfriend, Nancy Andrews. They spotted each other. Ringo yelled, "My God, what'd oing on here?" Paul replied, "Which way are you headed?" Ringo said, "Plaza, do you want to come along?" The couples linked arms and marched forth. At the Plaza Hotel a large group of people waited to see the Bay City Rollers rock group check in. They spotted the Beatles and a near riot followed. "Whew," said Ringo, ducking into a room, "never any peace." Later, it was a veritable Beatles swarm when Paul, Ringo and Jhn Lennon toured the night spots of the Big Apple, generating more crowds and eventually a rash of red-hot rumors that the Beatles were planning to get together again. One wild eveningn does not a record contract make, but the chances of reforming the rock group now seem better than ever. From London, the only left-out Beatle, George Harrison said, "I've never been the one who was against us getting together again. I think it might be just great to have the group together again."
So okay....where are the photos of John, Ringo and Paul hitting the New York night spots? You can't tell me that NO ONE a fan or a press person took at least one photo of this event???

John and someone else.

Anyone know what is going on here?

Some bad and small photos

Harry and Ringo

Harry Nillsson is one of my all time favorite singers!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Happy Ringo!

Ringo sure is smiling in this 1976 photo at the Roxy.

More about THAT jacket...

In reading the fanzine "The Write Thing" I have found out some information about that green and blue jacket (called the Joker jacket by fans at the time) that Paul frequently was seen wearing.
Here is how "The Write Thing" describes the photo above "Beatles rehearsing for MMT, practicing coming down the staircase, mugging it up. John in bright red pants, dark vest, with a ciggie, Paul in green print shirt and the infamous green and blue jacket (both of which were stolen in '69) and he really striking an odd pose, George is behind him trying to catch those steps, and Ringo's hanging in there in a light gold jacket. (BTW...the photo would only have cost you 55 cents!).
But did you catch that? Paul's "infamous green and blue jacket" was STOLEN in 1969 (along with that green shirt!). Who would do something like that? I mean I am a HUGE fan and I would most likely do some crazy things, but come on....stealing from Paul McCartney one of his favorite jackets (obviously) is going WAY overboard. I wonder if we will see that jacket pop up at an auction one of these days. I wonder if Paul will try to get it back!
There was also some discussion awhile back about a fan who's mother made a jacket just like Paul's. Well in the same issue I read this little tidbit, that I found interesting:
I was reading in your newsletter about R. Dilello's speech and the story on the jacket Paul ripped off that girl's back. Well, I was there, so here's the story: The jacket was a Kelly green and royal blue sort of waist coat which I've seen a few pics of Paul in ('68). The girl's name was Evy, she had long red hair and was from New York. Her mother was a tailor and when Evy saw Paul in a color pic of that coat she had her mother duplicate it. But there was on part of the shoulders that should have been green (like Paul's) only Evy's was blue (her mom blew it) if you know what I mean (pun?) Well Paul was with Linda that eve and Evy was there with the rest of us fans, and he turned to look at her (red hair) and saw that jacket and ran over and grabbed it from her. It didn't fit him too well as this girl was a lot shorter and smaller than him, so he turned a little red in the face and handed it back to Evy who by this time was flipping out (who wouldn't). She kept telling Paul to keep it, and he turned redder. After a few "keep its" she finally took it back, and Paul walked back to his car rather shaken. (written by Linda Butcher of Royal Oak, Michigan)
So my take on this is that Paul saw this Evy girl wearing what he believed was his stolen jacket and tried to get it back. Only when he put it on, and it didn't fit him at all, he realized his mistake and was embarrassed that he pulled the jacket off the fan.
Anyone have any more news about Beatles clothing? Any news on whatever happened to Paul's yellow socks??

So I was wrong....

I said that I only knew of two sets of photos which show Yoko pregnant with Sean. Just as soon as I say that, here comes along another photo. A bad quality one, but another photo that shows Yoko pregnant. John and Yoko sure hit up a lot of nights on the town when she was expecting. I guess they wanted to take it all in before the little one came along.

Meet Paul in 1975

Edit: I knew I had a color photo of this very same picture!

I have another fan story to share with you all. I recently won two "The Write Thing" fanzines on ebay. These are amazing magazines!! So much information and interesting tidbits. This story comes directly from the pages of the Oct/Nov 1975 issue. Enjoy!

John Awarski; Lakewood, Ohio
Article written in the Oct/Nov 1975
Issue of “The Write Thing” Fanzine

When we arrived in England, at
the beginning of August, my wife Winnie and I didn’t really believe that we had
a chance to see, let alone meet, any of the Beatles. We knew that John
would be in the States, and that George and Rich were in California. Paul,
we were told, was somewhere in England or Scotland rehearing the band. But
where exactly we didn’t know.

On our fifth day in London we made
out (sic) way to St. John’s Wood. We stopped at the church where Paul and
Linda had their marriage blessed, then we went down Abbey Road and stopped at
EMI studio. I asked one of the guards about going on a tour of the
building, and if Paul had been around lately. He said, “Yes, he was in
most of last week doing some mixing.”

Well, with that encouragement
we headed down to Cavendish Ave. Upon arriving there I Went into the
neighbors yard to look over the fence, and noted that only one car was there but
all the windows in the house were open. We decided to wait until the next
morning before any action would be taken. After dinner we passed by Paul
and Linda’s house again, and all the lights were on in the house which convinced
us that they were indeed hom (sic) and that tomorrow somehow we would at least
see them.
The next day was warm and sunny, not bad if we had to wait.
We arrived in the front of 7 Cavendish at about ten a.m. and sat down to watch
the activities in front of the famed home. First, the mailman came by to
deliver the morning mail. As he left, it came to us that if we wrote a
quick note and put it in the mailbox someone on the other side would at least
see it. So we wrote out a note saying who (and where) we were and wished
them luck on the upcoming tour. Shortly, Rose, the housekeeper, came
walking down the street and stopped to open the gate. We introduced
ourselves and asked for any help that she could give us in getting the note to
her employer. She said she’d do it as long as we didn’t try to sneak
in. She also told us that Paul had an appointment at two, so if we waiting
there we would at least see him leave. With this news there was no way
we’d leave. We watched the laundry man, the dry cleaner, and the messenger
all come and go.

Then the gate opened and out popped Heather’s
head. It looked like she was checking to see what we were going to do. We
just sat there and waved hello. She nodded and started down the
street. About 20 min. later she returned with the groceries for the

About 2pm a small blue mini-cab culled up with Joe English and
his daughter Chrisse. I introduced myself, Winnie and Nancy to Joe and
told him how much we like Wings and the album “Venus and Mars.” Before he
went I asked if he would mind if I took a picture of him. He said if
I waited I could probably get some of everyone as they were leaving for
The excitement was building. The green gate opened and Joe stuck
his head out. He waved at us to come over. We walked with all of the
self-control we could find over to the green gate. Joe told us that Paul
and Linda got our note but they were busy and hoped we understood. We said we
did. He then handed us a “Wings” postcard, and on the back were Paul,
Linda, Denny and Joe’s autographs. He said Paul and Linda wanted us to
have these. We thanked him again and again. He said to wait where we
were and Paul and Linda would be leaving to go to rehearsal shortly and we could
at least say hello.

Joe let us take a quick picture of him before
he went back in. A few minutes went by and we could hear talking and
Paul’s dog, Martha barking. Any minute now we knew we would see

Finally at 2:45, the gates opened. I could see Paul
backing out his green convertible. In the front seat was Linda and in the
back was Joe, with Mary on his lap, Stella and Heather, with Chrisse on her
lap. As Paul got to the sidewalk, he stopped the car. We thanked him
and Linda for the autographs and asked how they were doing. They said that
everything was fine and asked how we were. Paul was wearing cut-offs, a
tank tp and green sunglasses and Linda had a blue dress. Winnie talked to
Paul about the tour and the group and I talked to Linda. She told me her
book on rock stars should be coming out in November and hoped that everyone
would buy it. She also told me about a new diary which would be offered to
members of the Wings Fun Club and that it would contain only Polaroid
pictures. She kidded and said “you better buy a copy when it comes
out.” I assured her that we would.
As were we talking a little old lady
who lives across the street came running over. She started to complain to
them about the dogs barking all night long and if they would be sure to lock
them up. Paul, being very diplomatic, apologized for the noise. I
think the lady just wanted to see Paul and talk to him. Paul just took it
all in stride.
Paul looked around and said, “Well we better be going, a lot
of work to do.” Paul pulled the car back and Linda shouted, “Be sure to
send us a set of pictures, “ and Paul shouted, “Take care, and we’ll see you,
bye now.”

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Amazing fan photo of the month....

Sometimes you run across a fan photo that just takes your breath away. That is what this photo did for me. It is George sitting on the Beatles private airplane after the 1964 Pittsburg concert. It was taken by a fan (I don't know how) after the concert. What I like about it is that George looks so relaxed and happy. He seems happy. This is a wonderful capture of a Beatle! Whoever took this photo should win an award or something.

Love Paul's expression

Yoko's Pregnant....

For years I have been trying to pinpoint the exact date of this set of photos. From looking at the Playbill in the fan's hand in the above photo, I hae discovered that the Broadway play John and Yoko saw that night was "Same Time Next Year" which opened at the Brook Atkins Theatre in March 1975. From a caption of the top photo in a magazine (I belive) I learn that it was July 1975. There are only two sets of photos that show Yoko obviously pregnant with Sean. These photos and another set of John and Yoko out on the town. I think John was look very healthy and good in 1975.

Paul dodging fans in 1969

Both of these photos were taken on the same day in September 1969. It was the same day where you can see photos of John, Paul and Ringo with Allen Klein. George wasn't present that day because his mother was very ill.

Paul in Russia

I recently scanned this photo from a book. I haven't read the fan's story yet on how she met Paul. All I know is that she got the amazing opportunity when Paul came to Russia in 2003.

Hey..that's not Julian!

John's hair seems really messy here. I seriously think the man would wake up and forget to comb his hair sometimes.

John in Japan

For years I have found this fan photo to be really funny. It is like these two guys were trying to sneak in a photo of John. I can just hear them....

Fan 1 "Oh my God! Don't look behind us! It is John Lennon!"
Fan 2 (while turning around) "Where?"
Fan 1 "I told you not to look!"
Fan 2 "But it is John Lennon! We need to talk to him!"
Fan 1 "No. He hates it when fans come up to him at resturants. We need to play it cool. I have an idea. We will get the waiter to take our picture. You scoot your chair over there some so that John is in the background. It will look to John like we are two guys getting a picture of ourselves drinking beer in Japan. He will never know we are fans!"
Fan 2 "You are a genius!"

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Some more Paul photos from ebay

For the video of the song "Take it away" Paul invited members of his fan club to be the audience in the concert scene. This photo is a picture one of those invited fan club members took during the taping.

I always liked Paul and Linda's look here. They seem to be at Cavendish Avenue...