Sunday, July 19, 2009

John in Japan

For years I have found this fan photo to be really funny. It is like these two guys were trying to sneak in a photo of John. I can just hear them....

Fan 1 "Oh my God! Don't look behind us! It is John Lennon!"
Fan 2 (while turning around) "Where?"
Fan 1 "I told you not to look!"
Fan 2 "But it is John Lennon! We need to talk to him!"
Fan 1 "No. He hates it when fans come up to him at resturants. We need to play it cool. I have an idea. We will get the waiter to take our picture. You scoot your chair over there some so that John is in the background. It will look to John like we are two guys getting a picture of ourselves drinking beer in Japan. He will never know we are fans!"
Fan 2 "You are a genius!"


  1. hehehe.. nice idea . John does'nt know that he was in the picture...

  2. who is that woman beside John? definetely not Yoko..

  3. Exclamation MikeMarch 8, 2014 at 4:22 PM

    John photobomb!

  4. Actually this was not Japan, it was Singapore, in November 1976. John's first (solo) trip out of USA after getting his Green Card