Thursday, July 30, 2009

You Say It's your Birthday, well happy birthday to you!

"You say It's your Birthday, Well Happy Birthday to you."

By Linda Magno, Brooklyn

Photo by Patti Murawski and The Harrison Alliance

Originally published in "The Write Thing" fanzine Aug/Sept 1977

At about 9am on April 30, 1977 my girlfriend, Tess and I decided to go into the city to see yours truly --Paul. When we got to the hotel there were a few people out front with cameras (This is a good sign). At about 1o am men were putting luggage into a limo. One of the girls said it was Paul's. It's amazing how she knew. At that point we got our cameras, paper and pens ready for action.

At approximately 10:45 we saw Stella running around in the lobby of the hotel. We all know who was to follow. Surprisingly enough Linda came out first, in front of Paul. It was shocking that she wasn't hanging on him. Heather, Mary and Stella were with them. As Paul came out there must have been about 7 fans there. He looked directly at me and I took a beautiful picture. After that I went up to him, took his arm and said, "Paul, today is my birthday, and you just made my day." To which he replied, "Well Happy Birthday." I would never dream that Paul McCartney would ever wish me a happy birthday. After he said that I couldn't help but kiss him. He didn't seem to mind. I must admit, I was very nervous (Who wouldn't be?)

He stopped to say hello to a few of the fans and I was taking more pics. As he was walking to the limo I had my hand on his back and I asked him, "Paul, Babe (don't ask me how that came out, but it did), before you get in the limo, can I have your autograph?" He replied, "Hang on a minute, let me just get the kids in the limo." As he put the kids in, I noticed some gray strands of hair on his head (Will you still need me, when I'm 64).

Once the kids were in, he turned to me to get the paper and pen. He looked so beautiful, that I took his arm and said, "Paul, you are beautiful", and he said, "ta." He said it so sexy that I started shaking. I even told him I was shaking, and he looked at me as if to say, what's there to shake about. (Wouldn't he like to know). Anyway, he gave Tess and I his autograph. Linda was also signing autographs, but I wouldn't leave Paul's side.

At one point he stopped signing and said, "Let me get Linda in the limo." This was when I said the dumbest thing. I told Paul, "My name is Linda too." He said, very nicely, "oh really."

It was so strange that he had the whole family in the limo and he came out and gave everyone there his autograph. He was so much nicer than when I saw him a few years ago. It was like someone totally different. I'm glad to say there is an improvement.

Back to my story, Tess decided to kiss Paul, but she was too embarrassed to let him know she was going to kiss him, so she caught him off guard. He was standing there signing autographs, when all of a sudden out of nowhere Tess jumps up to kiss him. He started laughing and told her, "That is all Tom Jones, that kind of stuff." He probably mean that girls kiss Tom Jones off guard. I have a cute picture of him telling Tess that.

As all good things come to a close, it was Paul's turn to get int he limo. He said goodbye and he and Linda were waving out the back as the limo pulled away.

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