Thursday, July 23, 2009

Linked Arms

Here is a short newspaper article about these photos. I think they are most likely press photos, but fans COULD have taken them and fans were this counts. LOL
Beatles back Together? Rare meeting may lead to something big
Paul and Linda McCartney were strolling down New York's Fifth Avenue after dropped their children off at the circus. Coming out of the St. Regis Hotel were Ringo Starr and his girlfriend, Nancy Andrews. They spotted each other. Ringo yelled, "My God, what'd oing on here?" Paul replied, "Which way are you headed?" Ringo said, "Plaza, do you want to come along?" The couples linked arms and marched forth. At the Plaza Hotel a large group of people waited to see the Bay City Rollers rock group check in. They spotted the Beatles and a near riot followed. "Whew," said Ringo, ducking into a room, "never any peace." Later, it was a veritable Beatles swarm when Paul, Ringo and Jhn Lennon toured the night spots of the Big Apple, generating more crowds and eventually a rash of red-hot rumors that the Beatles were planning to get together again. One wild eveningn does not a record contract make, but the chances of reforming the rock group now seem better than ever. From London, the only left-out Beatle, George Harrison said, "I've never been the one who was against us getting together again. I think it might be just great to have the group together again."
So okay....where are the photos of John, Ringo and Paul hitting the New York night spots? You can't tell me that NO ONE a fan or a press person took at least one photo of this event???

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