Wednesday, December 13, 2017

The Best Reviews of 2017

I had planned on reviewing a book tonight for Wednesday Review, but unfortunately--- I am still reading the book.    So I thought with Christmas coming up, it would be a wise idea to look over what I reviewed in 2017 in case you are in need of some gift ideas or in need of something to put on your Christmas list.

I am including the Amazon link to items in this post.   I am not going to lie.   I get a very small percentage of money if you buy through the link.     It isn't enough to really talk about.  I think I have made $6.00 since January doing this.    However --   I am saving the money to keep this blog running (about $20 a year).  So if you do want to order something I recommended here and planned on going the Amazon route, then I would appreciate it if you go through the link.

These are in any order, but are things that I liked that I reviewed this year.


Because I am a reading teacher and a writer -  I review books more than anything else on this site.  Here are some books that I read in 2017 that I especially enjoyed.  (These might not have been released in 2017)

Cavern Club- The Inside Story by Debbie Greenburg

All my loving:  Coming of Age with Paul McCartney by Beth Caplan

I Me Mine (Extended Edition) by George Harrison

Touch the Earth by Julian Lennon

Fabulous Beatles 1964

The Cutting Edge by Leslie Cavendish 

Riding so High by John Goodden


Blackberry Train by James McCartney

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts club band box set  by the Beatles

Flaming Pie by Paul McCartney


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