Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Meeting Paul May 1967

I think the year 1967 would have been a really exciting time to have met one (or all ) of the Beatles. So many changes were taking place in their lives both personally and musically. One young lady pictured here, Granda van der Vught obviouslly was lucky enough to have met Paul outside of his home on May 17, 1967. You can see that she took a photo of his house and also got one of her photos autographed by Paul! Way to go Granda! I want to thank Stephenmcg (who is a blog visitor and has some great photos and information) for posting these photos on the Beatles Day by Day forum.

John in Seattle '66

. I have been spending all night scanning and have found some real gems in this book that I will be sharing with you because you all know that I am obsessed (and I mean obsessed) with the North American 1966 Beatles tour. One of the gems I found in the book was this cute one of John with a journalist. It was taken in Seattle before the press conference. Don't you just adore the look on John's face???

(sorry photos have been removed at the request of the copyright holder)

Monday, February 22, 2010

PID clue!

I just found the ultimate in all "Paul is Dead" clues! I can't believe this one has been overlooked for all of these years! Here we have a fan photo, not of the Beatles live and in person, but still it is a vintage fan photograph taken in Los Angeles, California most likely in 1969 of a large billboard advertising the Beatles album, Abbey Road. Now we all know about the "Paul is Dead" clues on that album, right? Paul is barefoot, the license plates say 28IF, the order the Beatles are walking, etc etc etc. But what about this one? Obviously Billy Shears has ripped off Paul's head on this billboard to give us another clue....Paul is dead! Just for the record...I think the Paul is dead stuff is a lot of fun and I question if the Beatles themselves didn't put some of the stuff in there to mess with us fans, but I do NOT in any way shape or form believe that Paul McCartney died in a crash and was replaced by anyone. This photo just was too funny!

Pattie and George

This is what it says at the "Something about Pattie Boyd" (yahoo group) about this photograph.
Ruth Taciniewski & her sister, from Germany, spent over 45 minutes visiting with George & Pattie at their home. Pattie said she often had problems with the neighbors because of the fans and that it was difficult to shop anywhere unidentified so she would have to escape quickly. George confided that he & the Beatles bought their sunglasses at Biba's - very cheap! Ruth took 20 photos & offered them for sale thru Bravo mag. From the German mag Bravo, July 24, 1967. .

Friday, February 19, 2010

Paul and a companion in 1967

I found this photo on the Jane Asher Photo Blog (where I noticed items I posted on my flickr account with my captions word-for-word). Obviously the photo originally was off ebay and so I think the blogger just took the caption the ebay seller wrote. But here is what it says,


To me it looked like a fan photo from Magical Mystery Tour (the sweater....). The time-period is right (Oct. '67) but this is the first I ever heard of Elisabeth Aronsson.

Love the kid in the corner!

This is a pretty neat photo of Paul, Ringo, Jane and I believe Maureen on holiday. But what makes the photo for me is that dark haired kid in the left hand corner of the photo. The look on his face is all "hey...I am sitting near the Beatles! Take a picture mom!"

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Paul does the "write" thing

I recently purchased another back issue of "The Write Thing" fanzine. This one was from 1983 and had this photo of Paul in it. It was taken at AIR studios in the early 1980's.

Flowers for Paul

According to the ebay seller, this photo was taken by a fan who has recently passed away. This fan gave Paul these flowers and then took a photo of him with it. This was also video taped and a photo of him with the flowers appeared in a book. According to the seller, the photographer was a friend he met at a record show. She was Julian's nanny in the 1960's after she had left the United States for London. She befriended the Apple Scruffs and often hung around when she was not working for the Lennon family. She remained in contact with Cynthia and Julian up until cancer recently took her life. Now I am not sure if all of this is true since no name was given. However, assuming it was, I would like to post the photo of Paul that she took with the flowers in this fan's memory and thank her for taking photos for us to enjoy so many years later.


I think this photo is flipped....because I have it much darker going the other direction.

Anyone have a better copy of this one? I love it!

Here are some small John fan photos that are currently available on ebay.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Don't you wish you could stll enter this?

I wonder how many fan entered this contest and even more than that I wonder who won! Did she really get to meet all four Beatles?

Monday, February 15, 2010

The last UK performance

The Beatles performed for the last time formally on British soil on May 1, 1966 for the NME magazine awards concert. In previous years the performances for this show were recorded, as luck would have it, the Beatles and the Rolling Stones part of the show were not allowed to be recorded. The only thing that was seen of the Beatles was them winning their award that night. However, photographs were taken of the concert, including these fan shots that I find to be wonderful!

1969 McCartney

Our good friend Bruno has done it again. He sent me yet another rare Paul McCartney fan photo that I have never seen before. This one was taken in August 1969.

Friday, February 12, 2010

A Paul's house story...

Here is a fan story that I found in Carolyn Lee Mitchell's book All our Loving: a Fan's Memoir. I will have to talk about Carolyn at a later date. This is a story in her book about her friend, Sandra, who in 1968 frequently hung around outside Paul's house.

I went on down to Paul's house, but he wasn't there. I and some other girls thought we might as well go when all of a sudden Mal Evans' car pulled up. We walked up to the car and saw that John Lennon was in it.
At first he was annoyed with us - I can't remember why exactly; something to do with Yoko Ono - but when he got out of the car one of us made some joke and that made him laugh. He then did a sort of quick step or sexy shuffle, and then he came back over to us, bowed and said 'Thank you.' Then he went into Paul's house.
Then a Mercedes drove up and out stepped Paul. One of the girls said, "you've got nice eyes, Paul.'
And he fluttered them and said, 'Thank you.'
Then one of the girls made a remark about his yellow socks and his pink suit being nice. And he said, 'do you really like them?' and this girl said that she thought the yellow socks were really great and went with the pink suit.
Paul said, 'oh really? No one else thinks so.' Then he lifted up his trouser leg to show the girls his yellow socks. He was so funny and it was so good to see him in that mood.
Then George arrived and he beckoned to me to come over to him. He said, 'I remember you. You'd been up to my home in Surrey last Sunday. Well, see you around.'
And I said, 'More than likely.'
George went into Paul's house and then Ringo drove up in typical good humour. He saw us all waving and he said, 'hello and goodbye,' and he went in.

Ringo's Star!

I am happy that Ringo got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame this past Monday. I am sad that I went on that trip to Hollywood this past July and have no plans of returning. Maybe I need to save my money once I return from my England trip to go back to L.A. so I can see Ringo's star! (That sounds really funny!!!) Some fans made it to the ceremony and here are some photographs they took.

Friday, February 5, 2010

More Paul? Why not!

For some unknown reason, this has ended up being a "post photos of Paul" day. Oh well. I might as well end off the night with one more, don't you think?

Different Striped Shirt

This photo of Paul on a plane is a nice one, however the little "Beatle" pinned on his striped shirt (which isn't blue and white!) makes me laugh!

Oh Snap

Here is a great photo from Paul's L.A. trip in 1968.

Lizzie with that McCartney fellow

Lizzie found this wonderful photo at the Beatles livejournal site and sent it to me. It has was published in the Beatles 365 Days book that was out a few years ago, but that copy cropped Lizzie out of the photo! (How could they!) So here is the uncropped version. I really like how happy Paul looks here.

Paul is Live

A few photos of Paul McCartney and Wings on July 19, 1972 that were taken by a fan. Very cool!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Won't you please please help me?

Hello Beatle fans! I am coming to my blog to see if anyone can help me out. In June 2010 I am going on my dream trip of a lifetime. I will be visiting the Holy Lands. Yes that is right....London and Liverpool (haha!). I am really excited and I am busy booking my trip. One of the places I really want to see in Liverpool is the Casbah Coffee Club. I have read in Beatlefan magazine this month about take the tour and read about it online. But I am having a really difficult time finding out how to book a tour there. The website is no longer working. Does anyone know where I can book a tour or if they are no longer offering tours? Can someone please please help me!!!


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sweden 1963

The guys backstage during one of the Oct 1963 Swedish concerts. I really like the girl in this photo's hair. She is supposedly a teen newspaper reporter (yeah we have heard that one before!) interviewing the guys. I would guess she is a fan wanting to meet the Beatles. Can't blame her!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


So I have had these photos on my harddrive for awhile and they are marked to go on this blog. They don't fit anywhere, but want to clear them out of the computer, so here they are! The leftovers.

Italy 1965

So who had the great idea of riding with the top down?

I would guess that the guys with the Beatles are the opening act? Regardless...the Beatles look WAY cooler than those guys ever will be....

Ringo's signs autograph in 2010!!!

Everyone was so upset when Ringo announced that he wasn't going to be signing any more autographs. I told everyone that Ringo wasn't going to be signing autographs for people who mail in requests. He was still going to sign autographs now and then (with peace and love). And guess what Ringo was doing here in this fan photo taken before the 2010 Grammy Awards Sunday night? Yep...signing autographs for charity. All hope isn't lost friends...