Monday, February 22, 2010

PID clue!

I just found the ultimate in all "Paul is Dead" clues! I can't believe this one has been overlooked for all of these years! Here we have a fan photo, not of the Beatles live and in person, but still it is a vintage fan photograph taken in Los Angeles, California most likely in 1969 of a large billboard advertising the Beatles album, Abbey Road. Now we all know about the "Paul is Dead" clues on that album, right? Paul is barefoot, the license plates say 28IF, the order the Beatles are walking, etc etc etc. But what about this one? Obviously Billy Shears has ripped off Paul's head on this billboard to give us another clue....Paul is dead! Just for the record...I think the Paul is dead stuff is a lot of fun and I question if the Beatles themselves didn't put some of the stuff in there to mess with us fans, but I do NOT in any way shape or form believe that Paul McCartney died in a crash and was replaced by anyone. This photo just was too funny!


  1. I remember seeing this it was on Sunset Blvd near where the House Of Blues sits these days. I wonder who or if someone has it.

  2. This is good.

    Wasn't "Paul" supposed to have been decapitated in the crash as well?

    The whole Paul is Dead thing is pretty funny but has so many inconsistencies.

    Great blog!

  3. I remember this as well....think it might actually be right where Carney's sits as you go west on Sunset, right round the corner from the legendary Riot House where all SORTS of rock n roll mayhem was occuring at the time. I was round 11 then and I remember seeing it before the "decapitation" while on a drive with my family....I was a pretty hardcore Beatlemaniac at that point, so needless to say the image of this board stuck in my head for quite some time.

  4. On the PID topic, there was a contest for a Paul look alike contest. The story goes that Willam Sheers Campbell won. Whom ever the winner of this supposed contest, there have never been an actual photo of this guy ever published that I have been able to find. Does any of the blogger from this site and or, the Beatles Picture Blog have a picture or link to a photo of this contest winner. This has always been a curiously of mine.
    Thanks, jOjO

  5. There have been a few pictures captioned as William Campbell and they were all really pictures of?
    Well what would you expect!!

  6. I remember the PID thing. When I heard he died in the 60's I was so upset but didn't want to cry in front of anyone. So I waited until I was alone in my room. I played some Beatle records looking at the pics on them and cried. Well I was a dumb kid at the time so I believed anything I guess. I think it was on the radio too. When someone way later told me like my cousins wife or something that he was alive I was so happy. I also cried when their cartoons got canceled and when they broke up.

    When I later heard more PID rumors I didn't believe them. I've come across some Beatles sites where they are claiming some other guy replaced Paul when he died and had plastic surgery to look like Paul. I don't believe it cuz they posted pics of the guy and he is not cute like Paul is. No way plastic surgery could've turned that guy into a hottie.

  7. i read a blog a couple years ago ... from the guy that took pauls head, and still has it in his garage!

  8. Just listen "Remember love backwards".
    or compare the imagine or any original mix with any newest edition (at the end of tracks), "NORMALIZE silence" or just look duration (time) of both versions.
    The truth is everywhere, at all the Beatles albums after "Help".
    Listen all Lennon, Macca, Harrison solo albums in reverse.
    The messages are in front of your face.
    Just pay attention.
    No secrets around.
    If u have time, Lennon has given us all the instructions at "Imagine" (like Davinci) to find a clear msg in a song of the album.

    Just one Tip......

  9. If you think that somebody could look EXACTLY like Paul, and sing EXACTLY like Paul, and play bass EXACTLY like Paul, and, here's the real kicker, write #1 hit songs EXACTLY like Paul, then you're likely beyond help.