Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Meeting Paul May 1967

I think the year 1967 would have been a really exciting time to have met one (or all ) of the Beatles. So many changes were taking place in their lives both personally and musically. One young lady pictured here, Granda van der Vught obviouslly was lucky enough to have met Paul outside of his home on May 17, 1967. You can see that she took a photo of his house and also got one of her photos autographed by Paul! Way to go Granda! I want to thank Stephenmcg (who is a blog visitor and has some great photos and information) for posting these photos on the Beatles Day by Day forum.


  1. sara, 1967 was beatle heaven! they were in the studios a lot, we could see them soooo many times... plus at the end of the year they were editing magical mystery tour and we waited for them in this small studio in soho and they had to pass by us every time they had to go to the bathroom! what a year, i have the best memories!

  2. We want your book Lizzie B!!!!

    Credit to H V Fulpen