Friday, February 19, 2010

Love the kid in the corner!

This is a pretty neat photo of Paul, Ringo, Jane and I believe Maureen on holiday. But what makes the photo for me is that dark haired kid in the left hand corner of the photo. The look on his face is all "hey...I am sitting near the Beatles! Take a picture mom!"


  1. Kid in the corner is cute and the other kid in the right hand corner with the red-head is even cuter :) Great pic!

  2. 18 year old ashley arceri
    i love you sir paul mccartnay and
    thank you for everything you do for us fans
    you are my angel

  3. i love paul mccartney with all my heart!!!!!! :)18 year old ashley arceri

  4. I emailed you with more information (and more pictures) of this day ;)