Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Flowers for Paul

According to the ebay seller, this photo was taken by a fan who has recently passed away. This fan gave Paul these flowers and then took a photo of him with it. This was also video taped and a photo of him with the flowers appeared in a book. According to the seller, the photographer was a friend he met at a record show. She was Julian's nanny in the 1960's after she had left the United States for London. She befriended the Apple Scruffs and often hung around when she was not working for the Lennon family. She remained in contact with Cynthia and Julian up until cancer recently took her life. Now I am not sure if all of this is true since no name was given. However, assuming it was, I would like to post the photo of Paul that she took with the flowers in this fan's memory and thank her for taking photos for us to enjoy so many years later.

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  1. I first saw this in C Bedfords "Waiting for the beatles( b/w then)">Im sure it gives a name will read uo tonight.
    God bless her anyway.