Monday, May 2, 2022

John apparently not in Beantown

 September 17, 1976 -  Boston, MA 

Something in late 1976 at the Dakota 

Why my confusion on this photo:   I found this photo in a 1976 issue of Beatles Unlimited.  Included with two John photos (one posted here) was a story about fans meeting John in 1976 in Boston.  I started typing up the story and then thought, "this sounds really, really familiar.  I wonder if I already have it on the site."  Sure enough -- I did.   The story originally appeared in With a Little Help From My Friends without any photos included.    So I just jumped to the assumption that this photo was from Boston.  Why else would it be in the middle of a story about John in Boston, right?  Well -- I should have looked closer for sure because you all are right --- John is outside of the Dakota.   Ooops!  

Here is the story from Boston if you are interested. 


  1. Looks like outside the Dakota to be honest..

  2. Hi Sarah, I know you know this site: Other pics from that day show it was a hot day indeed, with John wept under the sun, so this is actually not from that day. As someone else pointed it, this is from Autumn/Winter 1976

    1. I am aware of that site because I was the person that founded it. lol As I said below -- 2 photos (this one and another) were in a fanzine with a story about fans meeting John in Boston. I jumped to the conclusion that the photos and the story went together (because that is how it could be, right?).

  3. Was a good year to be a Boston Beatles fan in '76. In addition to John's visit, George was there 2 mos later, and Wings performed there in May.

  4. Yeah. That’s the stone railing against the sidewalk of the Dakota Building and Central Park behind. Sorry!

  5. I understand what you are all saying about this photo. I found it in a fanzine from 1976 included in it is a story (that is already on the blog) about fans meeting John in Boston. I just assumed that this photo (and another one I should post it too) would go along with the story because the same person wrote a story about meeting George in Boston in the same fanzine and those photos were correct. But you are right -- the background sure does look like the Dakota.