Monday, April 28, 2014

It was all HER fault!

I know that I recognize some of the fans in this photos from Paul and Linda's wedding day.   But this particular photo looks pretty funny.   The fan on the end there (who I think I know her name, but I am not going to say just in case I am wrong) seems to be mad and everyone else in the photo is looking at her, including little Heather who is pointing at her.   I wonder what this was all about!   

About Paul and Linda wedding:  I do not think that girls were actually crying in the streets over it.   I think just two girls were crying and the press took tons of photos of those two girls.     I think those two girls would have been crying if they just saw Paul on any occasion.   I know that fans were upset and angry that Paul was marrying Linda.  I think it was more the fact that he was marrying Linda and the assumptions some of them had about her.  I do not think they were truly devastated because Paul was no longer single.   But then I wasn't there.....  It just seems like the it was one of those things that the media twisted  to make Beatle fans look like foolish girls.  


  1. Interesting! And I think you are totally right!

    The photo IS hilarious! It looks like even Paul and Linda are saying "Come, now....why the long face?"

    There's 10,000 pics from this day, this one is one of the more distinctive!!

  2. I know several people in that photo: will send it to them right now!