Monday, April 28, 2014

George in France

This photo comes from a book about the Beatles 1965 tour to France.   It was scanned and posted on the Beatles Library tumblr blog .     I asked person that runs this great blog if she would mind if I shared this photo on here and she did not mind.   I highly recommend this tumblr blog, because she posts many rare Beatle photos from books and magazines as well as from photographs that she has purchased off ebay (I have a sneaky suspicion that she is one of my big competitors on Beatles photos on there...haha!)

I would like to know more about this photo.  It looks like it was taken in a hotel or a house and not backstage.  Who are all of these people with George.   George does not look thrilled.   I just love this one!! 


  1. George never looked thrilled! Ha!!!

    Great picture, and also thanks for the tip about the blog! I never heard of it, and wow, it's great!

    Just what I need, another great Beatles blog to catch up on!!! Well....I'm up for the challenge!!!

    Great photo! (did I say that already?)

  2. Hi Sara!

    This photo is in a French book about The Beatles (Les Beatle Et La France by Thierry Liesenfeld), and as far as I can discern with my non-existent French and a dictionary, this photo was taken, apparently by Brian Epstein, in Paris in February 1965. Brian was visiting his cousins and George traveled along - hence this photo. The text goes on to say that George left the impression of a shy and reserved young man.
    It's an interesting photo, so thank you to the Tumblr blog for scanning it and you for sharing it here. As ever, your blog is fantastic - thanks for all the time and effort you put into it.