Sunday, April 27, 2014

Finding the Beatles

When I was a young Beatles fan, one of my favorite albums was the blue album.   I really loved the inside photo that showed the Beatles blending into a group of people by a fence.  I thought I was pretty awesome because I could locate them quickly (you didn't fool me Ringo....I see you down there trying to be one of the kids).   Now I know that the photo was just one of a million photos taken as part of the Mad Day Out shoot.   And I wonder who are all these people?   Where they just out and about one day and were asked if they wanted to pose with the Beatles?  How can they keep their composure?   The girl next to Paul appears to want to look at him.   And most importantly where are they now?   All of the kids in the photo....they are grown up and they have a story to tell.  I would really love to hear it.

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