Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Same venue?

Someone baked the Beatles a cake.  One of these girls is named Sharon.  Leeds 1963.

I thought this might be the same venue backstage.  It is definitely during the same time-period.  But John is wearing a dark shirt in one photo and a light shirt in another.  Paul is getting ready to pole-dance in the top photo and there isn't a pole in the second one.  


  1. "Paul is getting ready to pole-dance in the top photo..."

    LOL, hot image xD

  2. that's a good one, amanda - it would be fun to see paul pole-dancing!

  3. Top photo is from Sweden 1963.

  4. As Talanca says the top photo is from their Sweden tour in October 1963, I have the story behind the photo in a book somewhere (a book about their swedish tours, it's awesome, many fanphotos from the tour and fun facts that i've not seen in any other books i've read), can see if I can find the book in my mess of moving boxes.