Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Everybody pulled their socks up (an tribute to Paul's socks)

The photo that started it all:   Paul's yellow socks.
This blog post tonight in in honor of the friends I made at the Bootlegzone forum many years ago.  Thanks for mentioning my this blog recently.   

When I started this blog, I had no idea that the Beatles clothing would be such a big topic.   But us fans pay attention to what the Beatles wore and when they wore it.   Besides the Beatles wore some pretty amazing clothes.   In the upcoming months I am going to try my hand at making some "pages" on the blog about some of our favorite articles of clothing.   Just basically put all of the photos in one spot and get the information we have gathered together for future reference.   To get us started, I thought I would post photos of one of my favorite topics, Paul McCartney's socks! read correctly.  The man who made a song called "Lunch box/Odd socks" really liked to show off his socks.   He may be well-known for being the barefoot one that crossed Abbey Road, but the man really enjoys wearing coloring socks.

This might not be the last post on this topic.   Just a warning.

Sadly this photo from a Sgt. Pepper session in 1967 is in black and white. Nice socks, but what color?

For sitting at the feet of the Maharishi in 1967, Paul choose the red pair. 
Paul wore his pink suit in during the Cavendish dome part of the Mad Day out photo shoot in 1968, better wear those pink socks!
Blue for the rooftop!

By the time he was in Wings, he got his wife in on the sock craziness. 


  1. what about the checked white, black and red socks? i wrote about them in my diary! interesting post, sara. there should be a book about the beatles' clothes - maybe YOU can write it one day!

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  3. snap of P & J is very beautiful - haven't seen it for years and it is still lovely