Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Somwhere in NYC or John Lennon and the 1974 Grammy Awards

photo by  Vinnie Zuffante


  1. This is a nice memory only one thing in this story is wrong, the photos were taken by me Jim Marschall oh yes and it was March 1, 1975

  2. Hello I'm Jim Marschall can't believe it's been 40 years since I met John Lennon.
    One thing I think should be put straight is the fact that I took these pictures of John,if you read the story it's DISCRIBED in it.

    1. Jim: I am sorry for the mix-up with the credit for the photos. This is how they were labeled in "The Write Thing." However, I will change the information.

    2. Zig and I wrote this story for the write thing, I remember being a bit steamed when he gave me my copy of it but he fixed it by crossing out his name and writing in mine.
      One thing left out of the story that showed John's humor was after numerous times of going back to his table I asked if I could shake his hand,while shaking his hand he said sometimes in life it's nice to have short relationships....another words beat it.