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August 1976

Paul, Linda and Heather walking from the printer back to the car.  Photo by Jan Slagt

Paul and Mary inside the printing room.  Photo by Jan Slagt

August 1976

By Erik M. Bakker and Henk Hager

(Beatles) Unlimited

September/October 1976

Monday, August 16 (1976) Erik got a phone call from Annemieke van Fulpen, wife of the chairman of the Dutch Beatles Fan Club.  She told him that she just had heard the news that Paul and Linda were coming to Holland to visit a printer at Deventer, where the book Linda's Pictures was printed.   The first thing Erik did was contact bodyguard/driver Jan Slagt who was reluctant in confirming the news, but finally admitted it was true, but stressed that all people concerned with the visit had strict orders not to disclose anything about this visit.  Strange, as a day later the visit was announced in a Deventer newspaper. 

But to keep good friends with Jan (and Paul and Linda) it was decided we would not "tail" them on this visit.  Jan promised to shoot some pix if possible and try to remember details for later. 

The next thing Erik did was rush to Henk's place to put a parcel together with some magazines, stickers, Bole gin and a letter.  Erik delivered it at the Slagt residence, where he arranged to return on September 2 to hear Jan's story:

Paul, Linda and the Kids arrived on August 19 at Schiphol Airport, a day later than expected.  They arrived straight from their Scottish farm where they had rested after their USA tour.  Paul told Jan he had not expected to see him again so soon after the Wings visit in March.  Paul decided to go straight to Deventer.  Linda was very anxious to see the first test prints of her book.

At Deventer they first looked around the printing rooms where the presses had just started rolling, printing the first page of the book.  They were presented with some expensive books on famous Dutch painters like Rembrandt and Van Gogh, in which Linda showed great interest. 

After that, they went on their way back to Amsterdam.  Linda told excitedly about their farm and their eight horses.  Then Paul asked if the radio could be turned on.  It was Thursday between 7 and 8 p.m. and Jan Slagt turned on Hilversum 3, the Dutch pop station.  And which program was on?  The Beatles Story!  In this show, the Manilla incident of 1966 was discussed.  Heather was listening and asked Paul if it was all true.  Paul said it was true, but that none of the Beatles got hurt.  Everybody was listening attentively to the program.  When it was over Paul said it had been very interesting. 

In Amsterdam, they drove to the house that allegedly belongs to Ringo, though Ringo claims it is not his.  As far as we know it belongs to a close friend of Ringo.  Anyway, Paul had heard the story from Jan in March and had asked Ringo if the family could stay there on this visit. Ringo, of course, agreed and had even taken the keys to Scottland and given information about the house.

After they got to the house they did some shopping.  The shop servants were looking at each other with looks of "are they or are they not?"  They bought some fruit and vegetables and went back to the house.  Later that night they did a short tour of the city

The next morning they also did a short tour of Amsterdam.  After that, they went back to Schiphol.  On the way, while Jan had to wait for traffic lights Paul and Linda saw old Dutch tiles on some houses.  They were delighted about them and decided next time they would like to buy some for their farm.  At 1:30 p.m. they left for London again. 

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