Sunday, January 24, 2021

Larry King and the Beatles


Larry King passed away over the weekend.  He was a well-respected man and his show on CNN was well-loved.   I personally did not care for his gruff way of talking to those he interviewed, but that didn't stop me from watching his show when he was talking to someone I was interested in. 

The decade of the 2000s was Larry King's time to shine when it came to the Beatles.   He interviewed Paul and his then-wife, Heather Mills several times in the early 2000s.     They spoke about landmines and seals.   

In 2007, Larry spoke with Paul, Ringo, Yoko, and Olivia about the one year anniversary of the Love show in Vegas and was there for the unveiling of the George and John portraits that are in the lobby. This is the famous interview when Larry called Ringo by the name of George.  

Then in 2008, Ringo gave Larry a hard time for mentioning how old he was (68) on his birthday during a segment about saying peace and love at noon. 



  1. He also interviewed John's murderer. It was all about sensation and ratings for Larry, no deep humanity with him.

    1. that's the way the media works now

    2. In the US maybe. No other country does things like giving Chapman TV airtime, or putting him on magazine covers. Same thing with putting the Boston bomber on the cover of Rolling Stone. Just wrong.

    3. Let's not get carried away. The BBC, whose audience far outweighs Rolling Stone's, gladly gave Charles Manson LENGTHY airtime with a 1-on-1 interview.

  2. I did not watch that interview, but it's a stretch to say that he had "no deep humanity" by hosting it. Besides, Yoko apparently had no problem with him doing it either, since she appeared on his show. Her opinion about King means more than mine or anyone elses.

  3. Larry also interviewed Julian and Mary