Sunday, January 24, 2021

From the top down


This has to be a first -- usually you see fans standing at the bottom of a hotel looking up at the Beatles waving from their window high above them.   These fans did the opposite -- they went up to the roof and look down on the Beatles.   I hope the guys turned around and gave them a wave as well.  


  1. June 23, 1966. Bayerischer Hof Hotel in Munich.

  2. I have some doubts.
    I have seen a lot of photos with Beatles in Bayerischer Hof, including this scene in other angle: into the hotel room. In this, The Beatles wear the same clothes that they was wearing when they have arrived at the Munich airport (but took off their jackets). In the press conference photos, Ringo has a totally different outfit, and George changed his shirt (only his jacket is the same). Well... I deduce this: they first went up to the hotel room, waved to the fans, dressed up for the press conference, and then went down to the press conference.
    However, in some photos the captions say it is after a "second press conference". Second?! After all, were there 2 press conferences?! In some of those photos ("after the second press conference"), George Harrison appears with the same shirt, but without the jacket, more at ease, eating some fruit.
    So, after all, how many press conferenses happened in this hotel? 1 or 2? And was this photo after or before the first press conference (or the only press conference)?