Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Father and son get a lucky break

Viewer of this site, Hermilo Borba, sent in these two photos of him and his son on stage with Paul along with this story on how it all happened.     Thank you Hermilo!  Congratulations!

In 2012 Paul Mccartney came to my city, Recife, Brazil. I've been a fan since 1977 and I've been at 26 Paul’s concerts. I went to the concert with my son Rafael (dressed in Sgt Peppers ) and did a baner: “ Paul you only call girls onstage, please, call us, dad and son.”. We were in the first row and it worked, Brian came and called us. I was shaking and crying, Paul asked to read the poster, asked our name and where we were from. After signing photos,he gave me a hug and at that moment I said: thank you for making our world better place to live with your music. I still don't believe it happened. A dream came true. son”.

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