Monday, February 27, 2017

The Fab 3 and Jimmie in Darwin

Photo by Josephine Saunders

With the recent announcement of  Jim Berkenstadt's great book about Jimmie Nichol being turned into a movie, there has been a new interest in the short time Jimmie played drums with the Beatles.    So I thought I would post this photograph that I found on Twitter of the guys and Jimmie being interviewed at the Darwin airport in 1964.

Hanging out in Long Beach

The press in Pittsburgh

The New World Tour in Argentina

Meeting Ringo at a George event

Over the weekend Ringo and Barbara were at the George Harrison, "I me Mine" book event along with Dhani and Olivia Harrison.   Some of the lucky fans got to meet Ringo!   Look how happy that little girl looks.  

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Winners announced

There were 41 entries for Winter 2017 MTBFR contest!    Thank you to everyone who entered and all of the great answers to the question "What is your favorite Beatles song from 1967?"   I have to say that most of you like "All you need is Love" followed closely by "A Day in the Life."   Honorable mention goes to "Within you Without you,"  "Baby you're a rich Man,"  and "Fool on the Hill."

The winners are:

Abbey Road cup:  Terry Fletcher

Beatles playing cards:  Denny Kempen

Please contact me within the next 3 days with your mailing address.  Congratulations!

For those of you who will be at the Fest for Beatle fans this weekend in Jersey City, I will be speaking at the following times:

Friday: Meet the Author's panel 5:30-6:30 in the main ballroom.
Saturday: Women's Beatles historian panel discussion on the "6th Beatle" 12:45-1:45pm in the Harborside Ballroom
2:45 - My presentation on the Beatlemania in St. Louis! If you are interested in my book, you won't want to miss it! (In the Palisades Ballroom)
Sunday: 12:15-1:00- Author's panel (with some great Beatles authors!) in the Harborside Ballroom
I will be selling/signing books and selling RARE Beatles photos at my table on and off all weekend. PLEASE come see me (even if you don't care to buy anything--I love chatting with fan!)

Happy Birthday to George

Since George's birthday this year fell on a weekend, I wasn't able to post photos in honor of our favorite "quiet" Beatle.    Here are some lovely photos from the Henry Grossman collection from 1968.

We love and miss you George!

All photos taken by Henry Grossman 

The Hard Day's night type of a look

John backstage in Plymouth   Shrewsberry in 1963

If you're happy and you know it pat your head.

photo scanned from Sara Schmidt's collection 

50 years ago....

Bolo tie

Paul on an airplane in 1992.   I remember when people were wearing those ties all the time in the early 1990's!  

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

too close and out of focus--love it anyway!

Stopping for a fan

Wings Downunder

Paul and Geoff

Photo by Leslie Bryce for BBM

Last week, when I wrote my review on the Geoff Emrick book, I was struggling to find photographs of Geoff with the Beatles  (the book didn't have any photos in it).   As things always turn out on this blog, I find this photo of Geoff and Paul working on the Sgt. Pepper album a few days after I made the post.   Might as well share it now!

Never say "never ever..."

This letter from George's mum must have been written about 50 years ago.   There was a lot of rumors going around that the Beatles were breaking up, and it was nice for Louise to assure this fan, Kathy, that the guys were "never, ever" breaking up and "we will always be a group."  I wish that was true---but in 1967 the turmoil hadn't yet begun.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Winter wear

Studio time

I thought this was a cute shot of Paul.  What album was he working on here?  Flowers in the Dirt maybe????   I have a hard time with 1980's-1990's era Paul.

Put your feet up for awhile

Manila Mania

the three shades

I think this is such a cute photo.  That is Bruce Sugar and Don Was with Ringo.  Notice that Ringo is wearing a Doors T-shirt?  I didn't know he was a fan!   And that cigar box ukulele thing---was that really used on an album?