Sunday, September 4, 2016

No Man's Land

All photos taken by Vinnie Zuffante

I love figuring out the dates to Beatles photos by acting like a sleuth and looking at the details.   These solo John and Yoko photos are a great example of that.

I noticed that Yoko was holding a "Playbill" from a Broadway show.   I could make out the words "No Man" and found a copy of the Playbill for a play called "No Man's Land" online that matched the lettering on the Playbill Yoko was holding.

From there I discovered that the play "No Man's Land" was at the Longacre Theatre in New York City from November 9-December 18, 1976 with a premiere opening on November 8.    I could see in the bottom photo a poster behind the driver that says "The Man who would be King," however that did not help me narrow the photos down any more.    So at least now we know that these set of photos were taken when John and Yoko were out for the night to see the play "No Man's Land," which would have been of interest to John because the setting of the play was in North West London.  They were there sometime between November 8th and December 18th of 1976.  

John was seen greeting fans outside of the Dakota in his denim jacket with the fur around the neck on  November 26th.     He and Yoko were seen at a restaurant and John was wearing the coat he wore when he signed the papers with Allen Klein on November 28th.   So I think those two dates are out of the mix.

Do any of you see any other clues in these photos that could narrow the date down even more?

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