Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Paul, Dick and John

Paul and John pose with Dick James---one of those strange characters in the Beatles' story.   He seems to be presenting them with a song writing award.  This photo was taken the same day as these photos---the awards might even have something to do with Fabulous magazine.



  1. Now here's a guy that you'd think would inspire some vitriolic comments, moreso than harmless (but weird) Elliot Mintz and Yoko Ono!

    On one of the 80 hours of Let It Be tapes that have been bootlegged, Dick James visits Twickenham (in fact, I think it's the very first day of rehearsals). Lennon and McCartney and Harrison all talk on one side of the room (where there's a microphone catching their conversation), making real digs at him privately, referring to him as a pig.....no love lost there!!!!

    Why, Lennon seems to have a sneer going right up there in that picture! (which, for the record, I have never seen!!! Great one, Sara!!!)

    1. J&P's angst towards James is understandable. They were stuck with a mere pittance in royalties from that lousy publishing deal they signed with Dick James. My dates may be wrong, but I believe that Jagger and Richards' had by then a much higher royalty rate on publishing than J&P did.

  2. "Well, I liked their trousers straight away", Dick Jaws.

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