Monday, July 6, 2015

Fun and Sun in Miami

Much thanks to Lizzie Bravo for sending along this link to some photos of the Beatles in Miami that haven't been seen 100 times.   I especially like the one of George eating and Cyn is in the background and the one with John having a towel on his head.

All photos by ©Bob Gomel


  1. I'm always suspicious when they say "unseen", because usually only a Beatle fan under two years of age will not have seen them, but this time I was pleasantly surprised! I also love the one of John with the towel on his head: he has that lost look of a short-sighted person with no glasses! (I know because I am one of those very short-sighted people).

    1. You're right! I've had an original B&W print of them splashing in the water for well over 10 years how 'unseen' can they really be? Maybe it's unseen by the people that are posting them? LOL :)