Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Here comes Rich


  1. Looks like Klaus Voormann getting out of the car with him.

    1. ahh---good eye! I didn't notice him there. I updated the tags to include Klaus. My Revolver album autographed by Klaus is one of my favorite items in my Beatles collection....

    2. Looks like Klaus to me, especially as he would have appeared in '70. He and Ringo were hanging out a lot in those days. He may have been working on the "Sentimental Journey" LP with Ringo around this time. (He arranged the song "I'm A Fool To Care".) I met Klaus at the Fest a couple of times and got him to sign a couple of "Revolver" LPs, a "Revolver" reel-to-reel box and a few other things.

    3. I'm going to venture a guess that this is not during the "Sentimental Journey" as Ringo cut his hair short and near after the album was recorded (right before he filmed the video for title song). But his hair obviously looks longer than it did in that video, or Beaucoups of my guess is that this is none other than Ringo & Klaus going into Abbey Road for a Plastic Ono Band session! (or perhaps a late All Things Must Pass session? I think George was mostly mixing and overdubbing in the fall...the jackets look a little heavy for summer, even an English summer)

      Pre-haircut, Ringo's hair was a wild, unkempt mess in early 1970.

      On top of that, may I congratulate both of you for your autographed "Revolver"s!!!!! That is truly amazing!!!! Viva Klaus!!!!

      (Great pic!!!)

  2. This may have been during the recording of John's first solo album?