Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Painted the town white

Since I would guess that most of you don't own the book Body Count by Francie Schwartz, I thought I would include here the paragraph she wrote about painting the Apple Boutique building to advertise for the Beatles new single.   This takes place in the book after Francie and Paul's relationship had ended and Francie was back in the United States

One evening Paul had suddenly decided to go down to Apple and paint the sotrefront windows white.  Nobody saw us leave but by the time we had fingered "Revolution" and "Hey Jude" in web paint on each of the windows a few reporters had gathered outside, wanting to know who I was and were there any truth to the rumors.   Next morning, the Daily Sketch ran two half-columns headed, "Paul and Francie  paint the town white"  Witty.  Keen-eyed newsmen much have picked that item up here because when I got home to Newark the phone didn't stop ringing, with reporters wanting tidbits about Paul, The Beatles, Apple.  I wanted the phone cut off bit it wasn't my phone.   After a week of telling them there was no story, I just hung up each time.


  1. On 7 August 1968, McCartney took his new girlfriend, Francie Schwartz, and Taylor to the Apple Boutique, closed only a week before, in order to paint the upcoming single's title Hey Jude/Revolution on its large street-side shop window. Within a day, the hand-made piece of promotion was mistaken for an anti-Semitic graffito (since Jude, besides being an English first name, happens to mean "Jew" in German), and the window was smashed by passers-by.

    Discussing the episode in The Beatles Anthology, McCartney explained that he had been motivated by the location – "Great opportunity. Baker Street, millions of buses going around …" – and added: "I had no idea it meant 'Jew', but if you look at footage of Nazi Germany, ‍ '​Juden Raus‍ '​ was written in whitewashed windows with a Star of David. I swear it never occurred to me."

  2. I used to have a copy of "Body Count." But sold it to raise $ towards a concert ticket to see Paul, a worthy cause at the time. I still have a photocopy of the infamous chapter.

    1. Jane had to live thru the publishing of that awful book as well