Thursday, February 12, 2015

Mod Beatles fan

How much do you love this photo of the Beatles girl?   She is sitting on her couch in light blue knee socks and cat eye glasses with a Beatles guitar pin on her shirt.   She is listening to the Beatles on the record player with her Beatle dolls on top!   This girl was so cool!


  1. How much do I love this photo of the Beatles girl? Quite a lot! This much! (extends arms wide!). What's so funny is everything in that picture, everything she's wearing, the record player, the record rack, the dolls, the couch......all that could be in some retro photo shoot now! There's a whole section of the Urban Outfitters website that is filled with pictures like that!

    But they ain't as cool as her, no way! That sis is one cool cat!

  2. remember the Beatle dolls were sold at Bradlee's for $3.00 each at the time