Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Thinking of Lin today

I was fortunate enough to win the remastered Venus and Mars and Wings at the Speed of Sound Cds from the Fab 4 Free For All and I have been listening to them quite a bit lately.    Hearing Linda McCartney's distinctive voice so clear on these Cds makes me a bit sad---I never thought I was a big Linda fan until after she died and I realized just how much I appreciated the work she did musically and with her photography in Paul's solo career.    I think this is such a sweet photo.


  1. Sara- if you had ever met her in person in NYC or London you might have a different opinion of linda but Paul...

    1. Man, the Linda-haters really have been vocal lately!

      We get it! Linda could be not cool to fans! I'm personally not the biggest Linda fan, but c'mon, put yourself in her shoes! Especially since she was so publicly reviled right from the beginning (by fans), how do you expect her to feel?

      I remember in Geoff Emerick's book, there was a story about Paul coming into the Apple cutting booth where the cutter had put up Beatle articles all over the wall, Paul was looking at all the articles until he came to one that was very unflattering about Linda. Apparently his face changed, he left and either the guy lost his job, or Paul never came down again, something like that.

      You look at the fans in the "breakup" video, April of '69, where they're all blaming Linda. Not to mention just the fact that you're married to a guy and there's all these girls after him. Some broke into the house and stole things. I'm sure she heard from the other Beatle wives what they had to endure. I can understand her being a bit aloof!

      If Paul loved her, and stayed with her all those years, had four kids with her, that's good enough for me, he obviously made him very happy. She inspired "Maybe I'm Amazed", "Two Of Us", "My Love", "Every Night"...hey, that's good enough for me! Thank you, Linda!

      She definitely knew her rock and roll history, a big attraction to any musician, and definitely a Beatle! She was a really great photographer in her own right, I'm only now realizing how great she was, she photographed everybody! I get the attraction. Ok, so she wasn't always nice on the street. I used to play in a relatively well-known band, and it gets wearing, people wanting something from you, people reading stuff into your work, people not knowing how to act.....ok, so she wasn't always "the lovely Linda" to the fans....

      C'mon, the poor girl's gone, let's not speak ill of the dead.

      "Eat At Home", love her harmony on that! "Some People Never Know" is another one, oh my gosh, GORGEOUS. Go play that song and then tell me how awful Linda was! All the Wings members, Danny Fields, Pete Townshend, Chrissie Hynde....they all seemed to like her! Never heard an engineer tell a horrible Linda story (there's plenty of ones about Yoko!)

  2. Love the photo....and Geoff Emerick always says, the sound of Wings IS Linda's voice! You take Linda out of the mix...it's not Wings, it's just McCartney!

    Always liked "Venus and Mars" and have super distinctive memories of being a kid and sitting in the back seat of a Barracuda and hearing "Let Em In" and "Silly Love Songs" ad infinitum on A.M. radio during family drives, back in '76. And of course, Linda had "Cook Of The House", a song I wasn't crazy about now, but now I think is a great record!

    Beautiful photo.

  3. just a thought - nancy, maggie, jane, cyn and patti were never rude to fans of the lads