Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Remember the 5th of November in Nottingham

The tour continued on and on the 5th of November the Beatles traveled to Nottingham for another set of performances.  The Beatles and crew had to have been getting tired by this point, but they were still going at full speed.

First they pulled a fast one on both the police and the fans by having Alf Bicknell drive up to the back of the theater and drop them off.   The police had big plans for how to sneak the Fabs into the venue and it was all ignored and surprisingly worked out great.

I have seen this photo posted as being from this date, however it was most likely from October 11.

Very little is written about this concert and I could not locate any photographs from the date.   So the photos I am posting are photos I have located that may have been from the UK Autumn tour or they may have been from other times in 1964.  

One interesting story that I did find in Creasy's book was that during one of the performances, a fan dressed in a yellow jumper and green slacks got overly excited when George was signing "I'm happy just to dance with you."  This fan jumped up and ran down the aisle toward George, trying to get to him on the stage.   One of the security members saw her running and he ran from the other side of the hall to stop her from getting to George.   They had a head-on collision and she was held by the security guard until the rest of the police could get there to escort her out of a side door.  The poor thing was sobbing the entire time.

The police at this venue was serious about keeping fans off the stage.   They protected the stage with a line of speical constables and cinema staff and they were proud to announce that none of the fans made it to the stage in Nottingham.  

The only fan memory I could find from this concert was from Kath, who said,  "I can remember very little about the show except the screaming, the hysteria and the sheer excitement,"  "You certainly couldn't hear anything else.  Before the Nottingham show I took along some jelly babies and a teddy bear which I passed on to The Beatles roadie Mal Evans. He was very kind and polite – although it was probably the umpteenth time he had taken gifts that day."

The Beatles spent the night that evening at the Swan Hotel in Mansfield and 200 fans were outside of the hotel, trying to see them.   

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  1. Hey, at least the girl GAVE them jelly babies instead of hurled them!!!!

    Ha, hey potential commenter, please take note of the bolded sentence in this article before you leave a comment about the dates on the pictures! Any help dating them would be great.....but she's telling you right there, these ain't from Nottingham!!!