Monday, September 8, 2014

Fans and memories of Montreal

Concert Memories

I was at the Beatles concert, but being 12 at that time, my parents insisted I (and my girlfriend) attend the afternoon performance. I don't remember any opening acts, just the Beatles walking on stage and singing. We (being young pre-teenage girls) shrieked our little hearts out and barely heard any real music. But I do remember being at that concert - the only time they ever performed in Montreal.
I do have a memory of listening to the Dave Boxer radio show (what station? not sure) and in the days leading up to the concert, he was attempting to persuade the young potential attendees to "be a clapper, not a screamer." Don't think anybody paid any attention. – Wendy W. 

All I remember hearing was a lot of screaming.   I wasn’t screaming, but the girl next to me was not only shrieking, but was also pulling her hair out. It was pure pandemonium. What I also remember was the Beatles come marching out with their black suits. They just went through their set and did very little talking to the audience. But they didn’t hit a wrong note throughout. --  Barry L.

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  1. Oh, I can't resist, I just live for these shots of our Beatlefan ancestors going bananas, they're screaming for all of us, even for generations yet unborn!

    But I would have let even these amazing concert shots go without comment (I comment too much), except for the fact that those two shots of the OUTSIDE, of the people lining up to get in, fantastic. I mean, now we know, it was a rainy night in Montreal!

    Thank you, and......I'll definitely see you tomorrow, same Beatle time, same Beatle blog!!!!