Friday, August 29, 2014

Long Island Girl Invited to Party in Beatles' Own Suite

I dont' think most girls who were invited to party with the Fab 4 in the hotel suite talked about it to the newspaper the next day.  But this is one exception!   

Long Island Girl Invited to  Party in Beatles' Own Suit
Writer Unknown
Long Island Press

Penny Brandstatter of Laurelton drops back to earth today -- from Beatleland Beatlemania and a Beatle party in the mopheads' own hotel suite.

the 16 year old lass, who spent the last two days in the rarified atmosphere of the Hotel Delmonico in Manhattan where the Beatles are nesting, reached the pinnacle of all success last night with an invitation to a Beatle party.

"It's wonderful, it's wonderful,"  Penny enthused.

Penny wheedled the invite through a Bay Shore disc jockey for whom she had been giving hourly reports on the doings at the Delmonico.

"I tell him things like the kids are climbing up the fire escape,"  Penny said.

Penny checked into the hotel when the Beatles moved i over the weekend.  She was accompanied by here sisters, Lynne, 21, and Debbie, 5.  Lynne can do without the Beatles but Debbie finds them "positively just wonderful."

The girls are staying in a 442 a day room paid for by Penny for the sales of Beatle paintings she did over the past several months.

She said she has gone through $300 to be near the Beatles and get all their newest records.

She comes home today after the Beatles check out in a swirl of hair to devastate Atlantic City.

The Beatles wrapped up their two-night stand in Forest Hills last night at something called a "concert" in the West Side Tennis club.

Needless to day, six times more than could fit into the stadium turned out.

You can read Penny's little sister, Debbie's account of meeting the Beatles in this post from 2009.

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