Friday, August 29, 2014

Forest Hills memories

 Some memories of fans who were there (collected on various places online)

"I was at the Beatles concert at Forest Hills Tennis Stadium on August 28, 1964 from Levittown. I went with 3 girls, my girlfriend, her friend, and her cousin. We were in the first row stage right. My photo was on the front page of the Long Island Press the next day shown restraining my girlfriend." – Tom H.

I was able to find the photograph!

"My brother and I bribed a gatekeeper with five or ten dollars to let us in. We just happened to be walking home that evening. Our seats were way up high. It was a waste of money since the girls’ screaming was so loud you couldn’t hear any singing." – Martin K.

"I was at one of these shows with my parents and two older brothers. I was five years old. I remember it well. I cried the whole time and wanted to leave because of all the noise from the screaming girls. Don’t worry, I became (and remain) a Beatles fan. And how cool were my parents to bring the whole family?!" – Gail P.

"I, too, attended the Beatles concert at the Forest Hill Tennis Stadium with my best friend at the time, Barbara. We were so excited. These childhood memories are some of the most cherished memories I have. I remember they added seats on the tennis courts so our seats, if I recall correctly, were in the first row, center, of the actual stadium seats after the court seats. I can still recall vividly the Beatles arriving in the helicopter. Because my friend and I were in the stadium seats that were higher up, it seemed as if the helicopter was quite low. We could see the Beatles in the helicopter and they were waving as they were coming in. So exciting for young girls who were so mesmerized by these four young men who burst onto America’s shores with their new style of music and charm!" –Janet M.

"I was there the first night with my 3 best friends (all of us 13 years old). We were very close to the stage and I remember there were a lot of girls throwing jelly beans at the band. That must have hurt them, as it hurt us. With undying thanks for the efforts of my grandfather (who was there for the Red Cross in the medical tent to take care of all the fainting girls), he actually got me backstage just before the show, and I spoke with Mal Evans and Neil Aspinall. When the band walked by through the hallway to take the stage, I was so shocked I couldn’t say a word – or even breathe! Mr. Evans gave me a postcard signed by all four of them that I have treasured to this day… A night never to be forgotten!" – Terri


  1. I can't believe you found that picture!!!

  2. Hi Sara, loving your tribute to the 1964 tour. The third image down is from the Paramount show not Forest Hills

  3. The third shot is not Forest Hills - I think it's the Paramount Theater, NYC show on September 20th?

    1. oops--you are right! Good catch. Man I am messing things up right and left here. I took it away and will post it again on the 20th.

  4. Does anyone remember who opened for the Beatles at Forest Hills? My scrambled brain seems to remember that it was the Doors (before they were THE DOORS).

  5. I was there. Remembering that the opening group was the Righteous Brothers. It was before they were really known.

  6. For the concert on 8/28/64 two of the acts were: Bill Blacks Combo and a female group The Exciters. One of the singers in the Exciters misstepped and fell off the stage

  7. Question for Terri who commented above. By chance did you graduate from Jamaica High School? I met a girl by that name at the New York World's Fair the following year and lost touch.

  8. Does anyone have any pictures from backstage at the Forest Hills Concert in 1964? My sister was there!