Sunday, November 15, 2009

I love 'em all!

This story was first published in the August 29, 1964 issue of the New York American Journal. It was re-printed in the 1978 book about the Beatles 1964 American Tour. It re-produced newspaper articles about the Beatles tour. This article was written by Mike Pearl.

"I met the Beatles and, oh boy, they're wonderful. I love them all - but I love Ringo most. He's got a big nose - but blue eyes like me."

Laughing-eyed, five year old, Debbie Brandstatter paused for breath. You'd pause, too, if you'd just come form an exclusive interview with the "fabulous Beatles"- a coup. Debbie scored at the Delmonico Hotel suite last night.

Debbie, along with her sister, Penny, 18, of 135-02 Francis Lewis blvd, Laurelton, Queens, had checked into a $48 per-day suite just to see Britain's fabulous, long-haired rock and rollers. They had waited all day yesterday in vain.

Three times they were ejected from the hotel's sixth floor, where the Beatles are quartered. And three times, they returned.

Then about 10:45 last night, the two sisters were standing near the elevator when the Beatles returned from their Forest Hills concert. It was at the moment that Debbie succeeded where thousands of teenage fans, scores of reporters and TV men failed. As Debbie told it afterward:
"I saw Ringo come in first, and I said, "Good evening, Mr. Starr." He looked down at me and said, "Hi, what a clean little girl. Would you like to come into our room for a while?"

"Do I." I said. Then he took me by the hand. I looked for Penny, but they shut the door behind me right away.

"I met George and John and Paul. They all shook hands and patted me on the head. They treated me just like a grownup. I told them my sister was dying to meet them. I said she had some paintings. Penny saved $400 she made selling paintings and sketches and wanted to go to London to see them in person.

"Ringo said they would love to meet Penny, but they wanted to relax. I was in the room about five minutes. It was like a dream. I feel sorry for Penny. But I will never forget it. I am NEVER going to take off this little pink dress. This is the dress THEY saw me in...."


  1. There's no pictures of the little girl with them? Because that would be cool to see!

  2. I haven't seen any photos of this little girl with the guys. However if one comes up from the 1964 tour, we can at least know it could be from this meeting.