Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Beatles Making a big splash in a swimming pool on a summer morning

Everybody to the diving boards!  Val takes the tyre in case anyone throws her in again.

All Afloat!   Val's still queen, while John Lennon, George Harrison and Paul are her footmen

The water's cool, clear and inviting--so why won't Davy and Ringo jump in?  Can't they swim or are they lazy?

One, two, three and in she goes!  Valerie gets a helping hand from Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr

Who's the strange face under the springboard?  Clancy T. Smith, ROXY's live-wire tea boy!

John, Ringo, Valerie, Paul and George take a breather on dry land.  This is one for the Valentine photo album.

I scanned these photos from a scrapbook that I bought full of Beatles clippings.   The person who made this particular scrapbook layered her clippings.   I think this was from Valentine magazine.   We know that the photos were taken in the winter and not in the summer (February or March of 1963  I believe).    Ringo can't swim and that is why he is not in the water.    Some of these are slightly different than other photos.   The captions are from the magazine article.


  1. Many of these are very clearly composites. In the second image, John's head is pasted on at the neck. And Paul appears to have been inserted, entirely, into the last two photos. Are these images credited to Dezo Hoffman? I'm finding that a huge quantity, if not all of his images of The Beatles, from 63-67, are doctored, in one way or another. It's very strange.

  2. Does anyone know who this woman is?

  3. The photos are actually from Valentine magazine. And the woman is Valerie Witton, one of the illustrators working for the magazine. At the top of the original page of the magazine it says ‘ Beach bed, tyre, ball and Beatles’ trunks by Woolworth. Shirts by Littlewoods Stores. Val’s swimsuit by Grossard and swim cap by Kleinerts.’ – Who can remember Woolies and Littlewoods?